Women who are unconscious when raped shouldn’t complain

Today I came across this blog, written in response to a statement a professor made about rape.

According to this professor from the University of Rochester called Steven Landsburg, women who are unconscious when raped and don’t suffer from any from of physical consequence (i.e STDs, pregnancy, bruising), they shouldn’t complain. He supposes that as women are ‘shielded’ from the assault by their unconsciousness, they shouldn’t suffer from any trauma. And really.. they shouldn’t complain about it. What’s even more, if a man happened across an unconscious girl in the street, whether it be from drunkenness or any other reason, he should ‘be allowed to reap the benefits’.

This just goes beyond anything I have ever read. It’s disgusting.

In the recent Steubenville rape case we have all seen that this society has escalated to the point of sympathizing with the rapists. The lives of these ‘upstanding young boys with promising football careers’ had been ‘ruined’ because of their ‘mistake’, or something like that. All the while the girl is being harassed for being a slut, blamed for being drunk. She’s being told that she deserved it because she was irresponsible.

It seems like instead of going in the right direction, we’re moving in the wrong direction. People are trying to justify rape nowadays more often than condemning it. The news focuses on the ‘ruined’ lives of the offenders, instead of the victim, politicians talk about ‘legitimate rape’ as though not all forms of rape are legit, and now this professor who seemingly thinks that rape is no big deal as long as the girl is unconscious and that men should be allowed to enjoy the opportunity so to speak.

I am completely and utterly disgusted and horrified.

Don’t teach your children how to prevent rape, teach your children not to rape.


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