The Verdict – Au Pair Adventures

So yesterday I had an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. Long story short, nothing I didn’t know yet.

I have a 95% chance of recurrence at any time, without significant cause. I could dislocate it doing something that you shouldn’t even be thinking about. This will not allow me to keep working with kids, it’s simply irresponsible. This means that I will be going home.

The option I told you about before about getting surgery and then returning to the States is out, my community counselor found out that I could only leave the country for a maximum of 3 weeks. Well, in three weeks I won’t even have seen a hospital yet never mind be in good enough shape to return. So this is pretty much it.

The doctor did declare me unfit for work, which should mean that the insurance would at least pay my flight home. I don’t know when this would be but I’m guessing it won’t be too long from now. I can’t imagine they’d let me work for a few more weeks when I’ve been declared unfit for work. I think it’ll be somewhere next week. I hope I will have enough time to get some of the stuff I was going to get throughout the year, and to say goodbye to everyone. Man this sucks. Eugh. I swear I want to punch a wall.

I am trying very hard not to be too caught up in everything that I will be missing out on, but it’s hard. My friend and I were planning a road trip from Chicago to Seattle in a couple of weeks, I was going to go to Cape Cod for 2 weeks with the family. Not to mention all the travelling I would have done in the weekends. And then there’s the money. I will be going from $250 a week to $0 a week while my expenses will still be the same. Not to mention the money that this earlier than expected departure will cost me. I’ll most likely have to pay some money back to the family for the educational costs that they made for me that I will not be able to complete. Then there’s the extra suitcase I’ll need to buy and the fees for flying with an extra suitcase. And then all the medical stuff back home will be about €350. Not to mention that if my insurance decides that they won’t be covering me because it happened before, I will have a several thousand dollar high bill to my name. My life. Don’t you envy me?

Still, I keep saying to everyone, I didn’t exactly sit still in the 4 months that I have been here. I’ve been to New York, Nashville, San Diego and Chicago. That’s not bad is it? I made some amazing, life-long friends that I did a lot of exciting things with. I took every opportunity that was handed to me and I am glad I did.

I try to keep looking forward. After my surgery I am going to try and find a job as soon as possible so I can start saving money. My friend Tania is getting married in South Africa in October and I am going to try my damnedest to make it there. I would like to see my friend Sandra in France and maybe even work there. I would go back to the UK to visit Leigh if I can find the money, see my friend Saskia in Germany, my friend Kathi in Austria and ultimately I want to go to Australia with Sandra. So I will need to get to saving as soon as possible. If anyone has got a job for me, let me know.

I am not giving up on my travel plans. I still want to do everything and see much more before I settle down somewhere.

It still sucks though. I wasn’t done yet.. not by a long shot.

God I’m so angry.

Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. I’m so lucky I have had the chance to see this.

Coming back from vacation

What coming back from my mini-vacation feels like for me. Just a thingy that I did 😛 Don’t judge me for my crappy drawing skills okay?

Big blog on what I did in the last 4 days coming later today!