We now interrupt or regularly scheduled program to bring you this important message. All persons, Whovian and non, are now strongly advised to watch this video multiple times. You’re welcome. Enjoy.




Belated Merry Christmas! and Other Stuff – Au Pair Adventures

Before I start off I want to wish you all a HAPPY BELATED CHRISTMAS!! I totally meant to post something yesterday but then I ended up going to see Frozen at the cinema and by the time I came home I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open. So I’m sorry for being late but I hope that you all had a very lovely Christmas, wherever you are.

For me Christmas was very good, albeit a bit weird. I mean, you can probably imagine: you’re on the other side of the world from where you normally live, you haven’t really had the chance to talk to your friends and family due to the time difference, you’ve only been here for a few weeks and have only lived with this family for even less than that. And then it’s Christmas, and you’re kind of sitting there and watching the family celebrate, feeling a bit unsure of what to do because it’s not really work but going upstairs to sit in your room by yourself doesn’t seem very attractive. So it’s a tad awkward but good too because you enjoy living here and you get good presents. Well.. you get the picture. Good but a bit weird. Anyway, I had a good time hanging out with the family and they were very generous with their Christmas presents for me! I mean, I’m amazed, I didn’t expect to receive $75 worth of gift cards and some other gifts at all. I’m very thankful =)

But still, Christmas for me is family time and it did trigger a bit of home sickness. Especially since I got here, it’s been one thing after another health wise for me and I’m getting real tired of it. I’m starting to get a bit angry you know? I want to enjoy my time here! And not worry about getting ill or maybe having to see a doctor or something. It’s ridiculous. And on moments like these it feels like I wouldn’t mind going home. Don’t get me wrong: it’s really been awesome here so far. The family I’m living with is beautiful and the kids are amazing and sweet and I’ve met some great people and done some really cool things but then when I get home and go upstairs and sit in my room by myself and I worry that I may not be able to fall asleep tonight because my stomach hurts again, I can’t help but think ‘I miss my home’. And that feeling always hits at night. During the day, it’s all fine, you keep busy and you do fun things and you don’t want to go anywhere. But then the moment you’re alone with your thoughts and none of your friends are online because it’s like 5 am at home, those are the not so fun moments. Oh well.. you get it. Enough whining.

But still, this is as much part of the experience of living here as all the good stuff here and I don’t think it would be fair if I left that out 😉 Anyway! Going to the Mall on Sunday with a friend so that’ll be an experience. I’m guessing you can expect a blog about that soon after. My goal for the day is acquiring some sweaters and men’s hoodies because oh my lord is it cold here. On the worst days it’s like -15 Celsius. What ya doing, weather? You okay? Worst thing is that this is not a temporary thing. Here in Chi-land it’ll stay like this till like April or something. So investing in some warm clothing will be a good thing.

Alsoooooooooo I just watched ‘The Time of the Doctor’ with my friend and I’m somewhere between being in denial and being excited for 12. Actually, feel more sad for Matt Smith than I do for the loss of 11. I definitely felt sadder when 10 regenerated. I cried rivers when he said ‘I don’t wanna go’. Not so much this time but still.. very sad. I did like how they did it though, the final speech. It was very neat. Does anyone know when the new season will start up?

Alright-y then, see you soon my lovelies. Goodnight, goodnight and goodnight.