Daily Prompt of November 5th: Save your favorite thing!

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favourite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Ohh I like this challenge! I’m going to pick my favourite place as opposed to my favourite person because that would make my blog more of an Ode to Abigail Cannon and I don’t think that’s what I want to be doing. Not right now anyway  Maybe some other time.

Okay, my favourite place in 300 words or it goes poof:

My favourite place is: 1st floor, A block, Student Village, Walsall Campus, University of Wolverhampton. The place where I lived when I went to study abroad two years ago. I am still utterly in love with it. There are so many times where I wish I could go live there again and experience everything that I have experienced all over again. When I first got to England I was this shy, young girl who didn’t know anyone there. I made the choice to study in England on a whim and didn’t really allow myself to think about it while I arranged everything. If I had, I never would have gone through with it.

When I first got there, I was on my own for a bit. International students arrived a bit earlier than others and it gave me the time I needed to calm down and get comfortable in my surroundings, to figure everything out without the scary locals laughing at me. Then when the other students moved in, the good times started. I met my bestest sister-friend Abi (there you are, AGAIN) and friends for life Maia and (although she didn’t live in the building) Renee. There was an instant connection and the ‘Kitchen Club’ was born. I can’t imagine what England would have been like for me without them. I think it probably would have been a whole lot worse of an experience.

What makes the campus my favourite place is that I found myself there. Being forces to do everything yourself pushed me into adulthood and I loved it. I loved shopping at huge supermarkets like ASDA and Morrisons, I loved cooking and even cleaning for myself, I loved being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I loved being in the centre of student life with crazy things happening all around me (when are the oven people coming??). I met so many great people and saw so many great things and I loved every second of it. It made Walsall my home away from home.

Dammit that’s already over 300 words. I could go on forever on this subject. Oh well.. I hope I made the sentiments clear. I guess it’s not so much of a favourite place as much as a favourite period of time.

Did I save it?!

Till soon.



Why am I doing this again?

So.. what do you do when you want to have/start a blog but most of the time you don’t know what to write about? Start one anyway.. Tadaa..

A little while ago me and my best friend Abi started a blog on Tumblr where we would be discussing anything and everything. Yea.. that’s not really active anymore. But what I did realise from the few blogs I did write is that I loved it. It’s a kind of creative outlet and since I have lots of creativity but no talent, a blog is perfect. In a few days she’s going to Spain for a couple of months and she’s started a blog about that (check it out; http://teachertraineeinspain.wordpress.com/). Obviously I got jealous and here I am.

But here’s the problem: I have no life. No seriously.. I study and that’s about it. Usually I’m fine with this because at this time in my life I have no desire to spend  free time and money that I don’t have in bars and/or clubs, doing things I don’t really feel like doing. What it all comes down to is that I’m a huge introvert and a high-sensitive (yes, actual term – look it up). What that means is that basically I’m highly sensitive to my surroundings – shocker. In a nutshell; other people’s moods have a huge influence on my own and it’s exhausting. So, no clubbing or big adventures for me. Give me a good book and I’m happy.

So, what am I going to write about? I dunno. Guess I’ll have to figure it out along the way. Here’s hoping someone, anyone, takes enough interest to read this anyways.

Till soon. Hopefully.