Give me a Prompt #2 – I’m flying


Prompt 2: Spin around until you get so dizzy you fall down. Write about the first thought that comes into your head.

I was spinning. My arms went up over my head and felt heavy. It was fun. The kind of fun an adult feels self conscious of having even when she’s alone. Then I fell -or tripped- and flung my arms out to steady myself against the bed. “Wow headrush” was the first thing that came to mind but I guess that didn’t count. Then there it was, the word that I was looking for. It just popped up out of nowhere.


Closely followed by singing lets go fly a kite from Mary poppins in my head. .. with tuppence for paper and string, You can have your own set of wings.. I guess the thought was brought on by the feeling like I was flying. Interesting though..

Now I can’t get this damn song out of my head.


Poll things

One of the things I’m really bad at is actually reading the books that I buy. Somehow, I just end up reading and re-reading my comfort books that I’ve already read 100 times before. So I’m brining back the polls. Help me decide.

I’m wrapping up Lisey’s Story pretty soon, I’m thinking in the next 2 or 3 days, so that’ll give me (and you) more than enough time to gather some votes on this muy importante poll.

That reminds me.. I still need to review Firestarter.. Dammit. I’m so out of it.

This is why we don’t have nice things, Sam. Or a famous blog. When it’s late I like to quote Supernatural. Don’t judge me.

Annywayyy, vote below please ^_^

Give Me a Prompt 1 × The Art of Love


As I promised, a new challenge. Do it with me I dare you.

This is the thing: Once a week (it is now Wednesday so it shall be on Wednesday..) I will randomly pick a prompt from my “642 things to write about book” and write a short story. No rules. It’s easy.


Prompt 1: “The Art of Love”

Musical inspiration was completely coincidentally given by Easy to Love by Sons of William

Love is seen as many things, I’m sure, but I don’t think many see love as an art. Yet this is what I think it is. I mean, think about it: what is art? Sure, 10 people will give you 10 different answers but when you get down to it art is a piece of someone’s soul put on display. It takes time and energy and it will never be perfect no matter how hard try, but it is completely and one hundred percent you. There’s no faking in art, no hiding. This is where love and art overlap. When love is true, and I don’t mean true as in love-at-first-sight-let’s-elope-tomorrow-I’ll-never-love-anyone-else-ever-again true, I mean a love that grows up with you, that accepts and alters not when it alteration finds, as good old Bill once said. I mean love that withstands the challenges of life. The art of love is being together for 25 years and loving each other even when you hate each other.

She’s screaming at me right now. My wife, that is, my Amanda. I think I said something wrong during the washing up, I don’t even remember, but there she is, in the middle of our living room, red-faced and flinging her arms around in anger and suddenly I’m struck with this idea of the art of love. Even now, when I would love to just stick her in the hall closet so the yelling stops, I love everything about her. Falling in love is easy, staying in love and truly loving someone through all the shit that life brings you, that’s art.

Every day you give part of yourself to this person, and they give you a part of themselves right back. It requires ultimate trust. If she ever were to leave me, I would crumble because without the pieces of herself that she gave me, there would not be enough left to keep me standing. But that will never happen, I am sure of that, because this thing we have, our life, that is our artwork.. and it is everything.

Book Haul!

Ceeeeeelebrate good times, come on! 

Do you have annny idea how long it has been since I bought books? Do you? It’s been MONTHS. MONTHS I TELL YOU. It’s been nearly unbearable.

Anyway so I am very happy that I have the sweetest mother in the world who, when I was whining “I want to buy these books so badly but I can’t”, said “oh just buy them already I’ll pay”. I bet you all wish you had a mother like that. Jealous? You should be.

Here’s the haul:


Now to be fair the Hundred-year-old man who did all those things I plucked out of my moms book case because I haven’t read it yet. Shame on me, I know. Then we have the new Jonas Jonasson “The girl who Saved the King of Sweden”. If it’s anywhere as good as good as his debut novel, it’s going to be golden.

Then there’s “Twelve Years a Slave”. I recently saw the film and was very impressed. I wanted to read this book ever since.

Of course it’s absolutely unacceptable that I haven’t read the Book Thief yet but what am I gonna do. It’s on the list. I’m happy I finally have it in my collection.

Only problem now though is that my bookcase is utterly full. Like no place left full. I’m currently storing these books on my bed along with all the books that I’m reading at the moment but I think I will have to find a place for them some time.. I think I’m gonna have to build some shelves or something. Problems of a bibliophile pt 1.