Anyone Home?

Never has my blog title ‘A Wordless Blogger’ been more appropriate. Ever since I came back from the US my inspiration pool has been dry. And I mean bone dry. After I finished reading Lisey’s Story, I haven’t read any other proper books except for the new instalment of the Dresden Files. It’s just not happening.

It’s all because my life is at a standstill. I felt bad for having to leave Chicago and now that I’m here, nothing is happening. I keep applying for jobs and not even getting interviews, I’m still waiting on my surgery (which is hopefully happening before August 10th), my financial resources are dwindling down to microscopic and it’s freaking me the fuck out. It’s taking all my energy to not sink into a pit of despair the size of the Grand Canyon.

Anyways, for the past week I’ve been housesitting and catsitting for a friend in the Dutch city of Leiden. I’ve been mostly on my own and it’s giving me some much needed rest and peace of mind. I exercise 6 times a week now a days and take long walks through the city. It’s kinda nice not to have to talk to anyone when you don’t have to. So yeah, that’s been nice. Except for the fact that taking care of someone else’s pets is fucking stressful but hey what you gonna do.

I’ve been seriously considering just letting the blog bleed dry as I’ve not done anything about it for like 2 months. But I’m going to try to pick it up again. It may take me a while so bear with me here. I’ve been easing myself into reading again with books like Bridget Jones and the True Blood books.  Maybe I can get back into reading proper books again sometime soon.

So yeah, that’s my story. I make no promises, but I shall try. Don’t forget about me just yet okay?



We now interrupt or regularly scheduled program to bring you this important message. All persons, Whovian and non, are now strongly advised to watch this video multiple times. You’re welcome. Enjoy.



I got a Button

Woop woop woop

No but seriously, about time isn’t it?

This is it:


You can find it under the check it out section on the right. Isn’t it pretty?? The text could be a bit bigger, I might correct that later on. But for now, if you want, you can put it on your blog. It would be awesome and amazing if you did!


For those who are interested, I made the button with PicMonkey. It’s really great for editing and making pictures extra pretty. Go check that out!

It’s that time again: Recapping 2013

Wait, what? Wasn’t it like last month that I did my 2012 recap? Seriously, how quick does a year go by. I know everyone says this but it’s getting ridiculous. You blink twice and everything is a year older. I’ve been running this blog for over a year now! Definitely doesn’t feel that long. Makes me wonder if next year will go by as fast. I’m thinking yes, seeing as I keep thinking that it’s Wednesday or something when it’s already Saturday tomorrow. Time flies when you work 45 hours a week and try to do fun stuff in the mean time.

Anyway, 2013. Two thousand and thirteen was not my favourite year by a long shot. In face, I think this year is going down as the shittiest yet. I am so ready for this year to be over, it’s slightly concerning. Which is weird because I accomplished a lot this year. It’s just that it started off crap and that feeling kind of stuck with me throughout the year. Despite all the things that I did.

As some of you may remember, my former best friend informed me at the end of January that due to a choice she made, she could no longer be my friend. It was a very tough time for me and it was is something that was hard for me to deal with. Especially on milestones like the ones that I have reached this year, I really would like to talk to her. But alas, life is not a wish granting factory. But on the other hand, that nasty situation did allow me to meet my amazing friend, Leigh. Who I would not want to be without now! How did I ever get by without you 😉

Anwyay, it was a difficult period. Luckily for me, I had something to focus on: my degree. Which paid off because in July I graduated from my Masters Degree in Educational Science and I can now call myself Emma Kroese, MSc. I am seriously very proud of that. I never ever would have thought that I would acquire a title like that in my life. And now look at me: twenty-three years old with two degrees and a whole life ahead of me. Think of all the possibilities! I really hope for a job where I can do what I love: working in secondary education and helping with student’s social problems (think Guidance Counselor) and education methods development. Fingers crossed! Well, fingers crossed and apply like a madman. You make your own destiny.

Which is what I did when I knew that I was graduating. Being 23, I felt like I was too young to start working full time and really wanted to travel before I became a ‘serious adult’. But unfortunately I didn’t have the funds for a proper travelling trip. So I kinda watched the idea fly out of the window until my mother said ‘why don’t you check out becoming an au pair?’ And I did and then suddenly I was doing interviews and getting references and then talking to families in the US. And then it was decided that I would move to Chicago to take care of these three beautiful kids. Flash forward and now we’re here! I’m actually in the US, where I will stay for a year and do all kinds of amazing and cool things. Really, how many people can say they lived in the US for a year? Americans aside obviously. Not many, as far as I know. Although.. that’s not really true as this Au Pair Agency has thousands of au pairs coming through each year. Oh well.. you know what I mean. It was so scary and it took a lot of courage (and money) but now I’m here and I’m really enjoying it.

I do feel like I’m ending 2013 on a high note. And I seriously have very high hopes for 2014. I’ve been feeling like next year will be amazing for me. I don’t know why, this is just a feeling that I’ve been having. Let’s hope that that feeling will be proven correct!

As for the blog.. well.. what can I say. It’s been amazing this year. I’ve passed 300 followers and I’ve written loads of reviews and read loads of books this year. I’m hoping that I can keep this up in 2014. I make no promises though as I barely have time to read nowadays. I am currently reading Uglies though and I’m looking forward to reviewing it. Fans will be disappointed.

Anyway, 2014 will be awesome. Do you agree? What are you looking forward to next year? Was your 2013 good? I hope it was!

See you soon!