Poll things

One of the things I’m really bad at is actually reading the books that I buy. Somehow, I just end up reading and re-reading my comfort books that I’ve already read 100 times before. So I’m brining back the polls. Help me decide.

I’m wrapping up Lisey’s Story pretty soon, I’m thinking in the next 2 or 3 days, so that’ll give me (and you) more than enough time to gather some votes on this muy importante poll.

That reminds me.. I still need to review Firestarter.. Dammit. I’m so out of it.

This is why we don’t have nice things, Sam. Or a famous blog. When it’s late I like to quote Supernatural. Don’t judge me.

Annywayyy, vote below please ^_^


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

9 thoughts on “Poll things”

      1. I’m in a similar dilemma atm, the hard part is I’ve had to force myself to put off reading the ones I really want to read to finish my book club book and now I can’t even go to book club this month. Sigh.

  1. I voted Hitchhiker because everyone goes on about it and I want to know if it’s worth reading. I saw the film a while ago and didn’t think much of it but as we always know, the books are better. 😉

    Let the best book win!

    1. Hitchhiker’s is definitely worth it. The film didn’t stick so strictly to the plot, but it nailed the overall tone. But I’d advise you to spread it out. Don’t try reading the entire five-part trilogy (I know, normally that would be a quintology, but “A trilogy in five parts” is the official subtitle) back to back. It might lead to you experiencing your psychology studies from the other side.

    2. As per usual, the book is better than the film. I put off reading the book for years but when I got round to it I really enjoyed it, then I saw the film and even the presence of Martin Freeman (who can do little wrong in my eyes) couldn’t make a lackluster effort enjoyable 😦

  2. I voted 100 year old man. It’s a light, fun read, and you’ll be wanting one of those before you embark on the emotional torture that is The Book Thief. You’ll be wanting one after as well.

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