Welcome Home

I’m back!

And with back I mean back home in the Netherlands. Incidentally I’ve been home since Tuesday the 22nd but I needed a couple of days to settle back in and to gather my thoughts about things.

Yeah, I found out I think on Thursday the 17th that they were giving me Easter weekend there, which made me very happy. I packed up my bags and left my hostfamily on Friday morning, which was very sad. I went with my hostmom to take the kids to school and said goodbye to them there. It happened in the usual way kids do things: quickly. They’re pretty used to au pairs coming and going by now so it was almost like ‘okay bye see ya later’ and off they went. I had a little cuddle with the baby and then my hostmom drove me to my friend’s house where I would be staying the weekend. This didn’t really have a reason but I just though since I would probably spend as much time as I could with my friends, I might as well stay there for the weekend. My friend was going to take her hostkids to the Willis tower in the City so I went with them and got to check one last thing off my bucket list.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much awesome. My friends bought me dinner on Friday night to say goodbye, on Saturday I went to Chinatown and at night we had a relaxing evening at home watching movies. Sunday it was Easter and we had a great day with my friends hostfamily. I ended up injuring myself during the egg-hunt when I ran into a tree and cut my forehead. yay me.

And then Monday came and it was travel day.. I hated that day. I had lunch with my friends and then Sandra drove me over to the airport at 2:30. I was hoping to get some help with my suitcases because of my shoulder but as soon as I got there it was pretty obvious that that wasn’t going to happen. So there I was, one busted shoulder and 4 really heavy bags. I was a sweaty mess and not happy.

On the plane I had a middle seat in the middle of the plane. It was like this:

XX | | X ME X | | XX

So not only couldn’t I see out of the window to say goodbye to Chicago one last time (*sob* I’m sentimental like that okay?) but I also couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep and I pretty much ended up being awake for the 8+ hour flight. This sucked because as the flight was overnight it would have been perfect to battle Jetlag but as it was I ended up in Amsterdam at 9:30 am on 10 minutes sleep. On the other hand, I did get to read about half of Stephen King’s Firestarter. Awesome book by the way, I hope I get to finish it soon.

It’s been very weird being back. Seeing my family and friends has been great of course but on the other hand I miss my friends back in Chicago a lot too. That first day I was sitting in my bedroom and I was looking around and thinking how the hell did I get here. I was not supposed to be there for 8 – 14 months! It was so weird.

I just keep comparing everything to how it was in America. The biggest thing that I need to get used to again is the food. You always hear how American food is so ‘rich’ but I didn’t really know what that meant until I got back from the US. See, I didn’t really notice anything when I first went out there but now that I’m back, I’m hungry all. the. time. I guess the food there is different, somehow heavier than the food here? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the adjusting period. I dunno.

I haven’t been doing much since I got back except for going to the gym. I’m so proud of myself, I didn’t want to sit still once I got back home so I got myself a gym membership (which is free till June 1st anyway because of a promo) and I’ve been going every day except for Saturday. Feels good 🙂 And I visited my doctor to get an MRSA test in prep for the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon this Thursday. Looking forward to that. Oh yeah. Yay. Surgery.

Other than that I’ve been catching up on TV shows that I didn’t have a chance to watch while in the US. Mainly I’ve been watching Reign. Bash. Francis. Sigh..

So that’s me for now. I’m doing good but also I’m sad. I miss my friends. Lots. I put their pictures on my wall. I hope I get to see them again soon. On the upside, more time for blogging!

That story prompt book that I told you about before? It’s totally awesome and I have several stores in mind that I will share with you soon. Maybe I’ll write them out tomorrow.


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

One thought on “Welcome Home”

  1. Ohh no, such a shame! It must seem so strange coming back after all that time and your flight sounds like an utter nightmare. When I came back from New York that was an 8 hour night flight too and I utterly failed at managing to get some sleep so I can totally relate. I ended up reading half of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins to keep me sane, thank the world for good books.

    Although it was sad that you had to leave early it sounds like you had a truly wonderful last few days with your friends!

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