San Diego! – Au Pair Adventures

California girls are unforgettable.. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am residing in California at the moment! For 8 days I am accompanying my hostfamily on spring break in the beautiful city of San Diego. We left yesterday afternoon and boy what a trip it was.

I dont know if you have kids but if you do you know how stressful it is to get him it her ready for a trip, let alone with 3 kids. My hostmom was running around doing last minute stuff while I was cleaning up and getting the kids ready. We left for the airport on time and we were there early enough to get seats next to each other thank goodness. We had to wait for a couple hours though but the kids were being good and finally we were able to get on the plane! And off we went.

Not. We were just all organized and comfortable when there was an announcement that there was gonna be a delay of about 30 minutes. Well okay, annoying but not the end of the world. The kids were doing artwork and the baby was even falling asleep. Then, they told us there was a leak in the right engine and we had to change planes. This is where the fun began. Of course the baby woke up and started crying. The kids had to be repacked and it was an overall mess getting from one gate to the other. At this new gate we had to wait for another good hour before we could board that plane. When we finally got on there the two oldest kids were good, settling in with some iPad games and later watching frozen on a portable DVD player. However, the baby cried about 3 of the 4 hours that we were on that flight. It was awesome.

When my hostmom was taking the other two to the bathroom I had the baby in my lap who was finally starting to fall asleep. And I kid you not, the second – and I mean the actual second – she was asleep the wench from the window seat in my isle wanted to get by. I was seriously pissed off. I had half a thought to just ignore her. This woman had been screaming and cursing to someone on the phone earlier and was drinking several bottles of vodka. I had no patience. Of course then the baby started screaming again. I wanted to cut a bitch.

We finally arrived in San Diego around 9:15 local time. That is 11:15 Chicago time and the kids were exhausted. The boy was asleep in the stroller but the oldest one had to walk. She did very well though and didn’t complain once. You should have seen us though, two women, three babies and three big suitcases. I’m sure we were a sight to behold. But it didn’t end there. We still had to pick up the rental car and get some essentials from a 24 hour cvs. That god for those. I think it was about 12:30 before we actually arrived at the resort. We all crashed into bed.

Then today we had a fun filled and busy day. Swimming pools, playgrounds, long walks, the kids made their own Sundae in a workshop and did a lot of art. They had a really good time. It’s funny though out of all the things we did, they remembered gathering sticks on the golf course the best. I had some time to take the baby for a walk by myself and buy some souvenirs. And at night my hostmom told me that I could pretty much do whatever and that she had things covered so I went for a swim in the “serenity” pool across the street from our villa. This is the first time I’ve swam in about 8 years, since I quit swimming and practicing 6 – 7 times a week. It was really weird but also really good. I definitely need to swim more and get into shape. It’s weird to realize how strong I must have been back then, it felt a lot easier then!

Now the kids are in bed and my hostmom and I going to order some food. I’m pretty much dead and my bad knee is definitely saying ‘no more’, so I’m going to take a rest. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain so who knows what’s gonna happen. Seriously though, rain and cloudy on our spring break. Sigh. Come on.

Oh wel.. Better than Chicago snow!

I’ll tell you more about my Californian adventures soon!


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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