Orientation Day 2: Don’t kill the kid – Au Pair Adventures

Hello friend! How are you today? Good? Good. Me? I’m soo tired. But I guess that’s nothing new. Tired is in style these last few days. At least here it is, 44 au pairs all dragging themselves out of bed at 6.30, jet lagged and trying to get ready for 10 hours of sitting in a chair and having people talk to you. It’s so exhausting.

Anyway, today was day 2 of Orientation and today’s theme came to us in 2 parts (little vlogbrothers reference there, did you see it?): Childcare training and Red Cross CPR training.

Maybe this day should be split up in 2 because I honestly, I can’t even remember what we talked about in the morning. There was something about kidnapping and stranger danger, and never leaving your child alone and stuff like that.

Then in the late morning the Red Cross training started. It was giving to us by two native New Yorkers. Naima and Antwon and they’re basically everything that you expect from a New Yorker. They were very funny and exuberant and active. They reminded me a bit of Sharon Conley and Forest Whitaker.

The first aid training were pretty straight forward. A lot of information on choking and how to do compressions. They must have repeated the process like 50 times. It was exhausting and I lost count of how many times I counted the 30 compressions. It was a bit of a let down that we didn’t get to actually practice on a dummy. We just listened to the explanation, watched the trainer do the maneuver and then watched a clip on the dvd. It was very repetitive and it got very dull after a while. Oh well.. it was good to know and Naima kept it very entertaining.

Then we had lunch. Not as good as yesterday but definitely good. Vegetables and salad, mashed potatoes and chicken legs. I am definitely not one for chicken on the bone so I was a bit sad that there wasn’t an alternative but I still had a bit. I loaded up on broccoli and salad though. Those were very good.

The second bit of the Red Cross training was about the basic things like how to treat cuts and bruises and when to call 9-1-1 and stuff like that. It was Antwon’s turn to give the presentation and to entertain us and inform us. He did a wonderful job. Then after that, Joan came back and we talked about activities to do with young children and interactive childcare. Again, pretty straight forward but it is always good to get new ideas. It was very hard to keep my attention on the presentation at the end though. 10 hours of talking really is very long.

Dinner was really very good though. Salad and pizza which was yummy but I tried not to eat too much, already having had a hot meal in the afternoon. Then there was a very very very very sweet piece of cheesecake as dessert, which I could not finish. It was just too sweet and too rich and dense.

I had a lovely talk with 3 girls at my table from Finland, Austria and Bosnia. We stayed for about an hour or something and we just talked about our countries and cultures. It was really very great. It kinda made me not want to leave for Chicago tomorrow because this orientation is safe and the people are nice and when I get to Chicago it’s all going to be new and scary again 😛 I’m weird like that.

So travel day tomorrow! But I will still have a lecture on child discipline in the morning. Then I’ll leave for La Guardia and get on a plane at 6 PM and arrive at O’Hare at 7:45 PM. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog when I arrive but I make no promises this time.



Author: EMK

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