On phobias

Phobia (Noun):  A persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

-Personal Time-

So I’m sure you all know what a phobia is. If you don’t, I just gave you the definition so that’s a little weird. Anyway, having a phobia isn’t being a little scared of something, it’s a horrible, irrational fear of a thing or situation that can affect you severely.

I have one phobia: choking. From when I was a very young age I was always extremely afraid of getting something stuck in my throat. It drove my mom absolutely crazy. Almost every night I would cry and tell her I was choking on something. I would refuse to eat anything with bones still in them and I still have problems eating non-filleted fish.

So why is this relevant? Well, a couple of days ago I accidentally swallowed a hair. You’ve probably all done it before. It gets stuck for a few days and it’s annoying but all in all it’s no big deal. However, for me it triggers this fear response that comes from the phobia I have. So for the last few days I’ve been living with this feeling of panic just around the corner. I’ve been okay, mostly. I just keep breathing deeply to reassure myself that there is no real danger but it is such a bitch to deal with, lemme tell you.

Like, I’ve had this nervous feeling 24/7 ever since it started, I’ve lost my appetite and my legs feel weak all the time. Although I’m pretty sure the hair itself is (mostly) gone, I’m still dealing with the anxiety that comes along with it.

It’s extremely tiring. -sigh- I can’t wait to go back my normal self.

Do you have any phobias? Or have you ever been in a situation where you had to deal with irrational fear? Talk to me in the comments!



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

2 thoughts on “On phobias”

  1. That is such a familiar story to me! I’m absolutely terrified of swallowing a hair/other fibre and it getting stuck in my throat. It happened once when I was a kid and I was very nearly sick and that memory has stayed with me. My friends all know about this ‘little quirk’ of mine and find it hilarious to stick fabric in their mouths at random intervals. Even writing about that has made my legs weak and my hands sweaty.

    Weirdly and an element I’ve grown out of – when I was younger whenever I lost something I automatically assumed I’d swallowed it, no matter how big or unswallowable the object…

    I hope you get back to normal soon!

  2. I’m afraid of talking to crowds. I’m not sure if that’s a phobia but no matter how much I prepare or feel confident, the moment I have to stand in front of more than two people and take the upper hand I fail. After continuous practice with the same five people I’ve gotten a little bit better.

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