My cat is an escape artist

Have you ever seen cats, the musical? You know that one cat called Mister Mistoffelees? Well, I’m going to rename my cat. From this day forward he shall no longer be known as Hercules, but rather as Mister Mistofolees, the magnificent escapist.

I can hear you asking why? Why this sudden name change? I’ll tell you.

Last Tuesday we noticed that he the left side of his head was swollen. So we took him to the vet where it became clear that he had fought with another cat and that the wound it had given him had become infected and that basically his cheek was filled with pus. All in all, it wasn’t very serious, thank goodness. They cleaned it, put in a drain that we needed to remove four days later and he had to wear the cone of shame for a while.

Sunday we took out the drain and today the cone of shame was removed. We did want to keep him inside for a while to make sure that everything was OK and that he wouldn’t scratch open the wound. So you can imagine that we were very surprised when suddenly we looked up and saw our conniving cat sitting in the yard. I swear, he seemed to he smirking.

I think it was a good minute before we got up to move, we were so stunned. How did he get outside?! He definitely didn’t slip out while we were coming in or something; we were always very careful that didn’t happen. The only thing we can think of is that he went unto the balcony, jumped into the small tree that stands next to the balcony and climbed down. We never thought that that was a possibility..

Magic cat.



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

4 thoughts on “My cat is an escape artist”

  1. Ohh no, NOT THE CONE OF SHAME! It’s amazing what some of these cats get up to, they smart little tricksters.

    My cat got into a fight a few years ago and got an abscess on her butt which sounds similar to what your cat had. Another cat bit her butt while she was coming through the cat flap. HAVE THEY NO DIGNITY?!

    Another time when she was only 3 months old and not even allowed out of the house she broke her leg and we had to keep her in a cage for ages. Eventually she tried to hang from the bars like Tarzan or something.

    I think my cat has issues…

    I always wanted to see Cats the musical!

    1. They have no shame at all. We once had a stray who sorta came to live with us for a while. Only he was very fat and could barely fit through the cat flap. Then one day, one of my cats started pawing at his butt while he was trying to get to the cat flap 😛 Silly cats are all the same.

      Aww that sounds so sad! It always breaks my heart when we have to keep our cats inside. They always seem so depressed 😦

      I think all cats have issues

      Cats the musical is awesome! You can probably find it online, there’s a movie 😀

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