Maryland University Invests in Bulletproof Whiteboards

We apparently live in a society where school shootings are so common that we feel the need to employ bulletproof whiteboards, clipboards and backpacks. How about we go for gun control instead? Or do need children need to go to school in full body armour before we see that things need to change.

Stuff like this makes me sad and angry.. *sigh*


One college has decided to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to protecting its students against school shootings.

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) recently announced that it would  purchase 200 bulletproof whiteboards from armor manufacturer Hardwire LLC. The 18-inch by 20-inch portable drawing boards, which also come in blue, green and pink, are able to absorb “multiple magazines of ammunition from any handgun or shotgun without ricochet or injury,” and retail for $299 each.

According to Hardwire owner George Tunis, the point of the boards is to provide teachers a way to protect students in the event of a school shooting. As of last year, 297 people have been killed in school shootings since 1980; an average of roughly 9 murders each year.

While rare, a recent spate of mass killings at educational institutions has drawn national attention to the issue of school…

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6 thoughts on “Maryland University Invests in Bulletproof Whiteboards”

  1. Careful. Saying stuff about gun-control can get you kicked out of America before you even get there. Having a gun is an inalienable right over there. It’s tougher to get a driver’s licence than a weapons permit and gun shops hold sales and giveaways – I once came across a blogger promoting her parents’ gun shop on her blog.

    1. Yea, I know. That’s part of what makes it so bad. But still, I’d go for gun control not gun banning. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to not only get guns but also bullets. At least one of the two should be harder to get..

      But i guess rights are rights..

      1. During the drama following the Trayvon Martin verdict I read an article that explained the whole issue very nicely. That bit about the right to own firearms was added to the US constitution in a time when they didn’t have a standing army and the only way to defend themselves against an invasion would be for the people themselves to form militias – the revolutionary war, for example, was mainly fought by militias. Today the US has the army, navy, air force and marines, as well is the National Guard which has basically replaced militias, so that particular amendment to their constitution is no longer strictly necessary, but Americans defend that right even more passionately than their right to freedom of speech.

        Of course, what blows my mind even more than the gun shops is the fact that you can go to an army surplus store and even some regular gun shops and buy military grade weapons for personal use. What business does anyone have owning automatic assault rifles?

      2. That’s very interesting, I never thought of it that way. It’s interesting though, a couple of days ago I saw a survey on Tumblr amongst Americans. One of the questions were “Would you rather give up your right to vote or your right to bear arms?” And I was very surprised to see that there were a lot of states where most people answered ‘give up right to vote’ over the right to own weapons. I just cannot fathom..

        Have you seen ‘Bowling for Columbine’? We watched it high school. It has a lot of information on gun policy in the US. The guy opened a bank account and got a hunting rifle as a gift from the bank. Like.. wth.

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