It’s a Jolly Holiday —

— with you, Bert. Gentlemen like you are few. Though you’re just a diamond in the rough, Bert. Underneath your blood is blue.. You’d never think of pressing your advantage, forbearance is the hallmark of your creed. A lady needn’t ..

Wait. This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. Excuse me.

limburgSo yesterday I got back from my mini-vacation to Limburg with my mom. We just wanted to go away for a few days while the weather was still nice before she has to get back to school and I leave for my adventure in the US.

So we went to the very most southern bit of his small country to stay at an actual castle. Limburg is very different from where I live as there’s lots more nature and historic buildings and nature. Like green stuff everywhere, it was fascinating.

We left on Monday at around 1pm and arrived around 15:30 pm because that’s how long it takes to cross our itty bitty country. Are all you Americans jealous? 3 hours of driving and we’re in a completely different country!

What we hadn’t planned on though, is it being so ridiculously hot. My mom has quite an old car which doesn’t have air conditioning so even with the windows open it was like being on a slow roast. Especially since the wind that was being blown in was also warm. I was reduced to a puddle of water by the time we arrived. Remember when I talked a while back about how I dislike summer? Yea this is another reason. It’s hot outside, it’s hot inside. It’s hot during the day, it’s hot during the night. There’s no relief. Evar. I seriously wanted to sit under a cold shower the whole day.

IMG658Anyway! We stayed at this amazing hotel which, as mentioned before, was an actual castle. It was very impressive with its architecture and art and history. It has this amazing painted ceiling in the lobby and the owner told us that some people come in and are like ‘shouldn’t you paint it over?’ because it’s religious themed but like.. it’s historical and art! It’s like blasphemy to suggest to cover that up just because it has to do with religion. Respect the art history, man..

The room we stayed in was really impressive. It wasn’t your typical hotel room, lemme tell ya. Above the bed was this huge painting with people on it, painted in such a way that you wouldn’t really be surprised if they moved during the night or something. There also was this really big mirror that seemed like it could fall of the wall at any minute. It was kind of spooky and impressive at the same time. But then while the bedroom was old and spookylike, the bathroom was this beacon of modernes. We had a sauna/whirlpool/shower-combination. It was huge and it had like 2 control panels and you could listen to the radio and everything. I swear if I can afford something like that when I grow up, I will get it and I will never leave it.

We spend the rest of day just resting, drying up and walking around the little town enjoying the environment. We had dinner at this little restaurant twice (both Monday and Tuesday night) because the food was absolutely beautiful. Yummy. If it wasn’t on the other side of the country, I would go there way more often.

The original plan for Tuesday was to go on a hike or something but seeing as it was way to hot for that, we decided to go to the zoo. ‘But, Emma, didn’t you realize that going to the zoo would involve lots of walking, too?!’ Yea.. I guess we didn’t really think that one through.. but we had lots of fun though.

The zoo was absolutely beautiful. It was quite big even though they didn’t have very many different kinds of animals. It was very obvious that they valued the animals’ living environments more than the amount of animals they can show. I appreciate that in a zoo. Like, in Amsterdam we have Artis Zoo and some of the cages are just way too small.

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110But anyway, it again was really really hot. And not only were we dripping with sweat but the animals were mostly out of commission. They basically put up a sign that says ‘go entertain yourself today, humans’.

They were either standing in the shadow, bathing in the water or they were just plain flat on their backs. It was pretty funny to see actually.


By the time we got home, I was completely worn out. Walking around in the blistering heat for hours does make you a bit tired. So when we got back to the hotel, I had a nice bath. Then we had dinner and called it a night.

On Wednesday, it was time to go home again. We were supposed to visit Margraten, a second world war memorial burial ground where 8,000 soldiers are buried. It’s supposed to be very impressive and I was looking forward to visiting it but of course, the moment we stepped out the door it started pouring rain. Like, really, pouring. Apparently a bit north of us had 7 million euros of property damage because of the rain the previous day. The worst of it missed us but it was raining heavily enough for us to decide that it wasn’t a good idea to stand on a open field for an hour or so. It was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. I would have liked to visit. Maybe next time, though.


So then we went hit the road and 2 hours and 15 minutes later we were home again. It was as if we never left and I was sort of sorry to leave all the pretty scenery behind. My mom and I did have a great time though. I’m glad we went and had a bit of a quality time vacation. It was good 😀

I can’t post all the pictures I took on here, but if you want to see them you can click here. I hope that works 😛

Here are some final things I did want to show you:

Near the Hotel
The view
The view
Simba was not interested
Simba was not interested
Our room had a name. Cristan or Tristan? I still don't know.
Our room had a name. Cristan or Tristan? I still don’t know.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Jolly Holiday —”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful getaway. And you’ve just added another place to my list of places I must visit if I ever get to go to Europe again.

      1. It’s quite long. I spent an entire month in the Munich area and didn’t get to see all I wanted to. All of Europe…I’ll have to move there.

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