Beautiful Creatures Movie Review: Live Blogging

Going to try a new thing. Movie reviews are harder for me than book reviews for some reason and I haven’t done a movie review in a while. I somehow always forget what to say. So, instead I’m going to do live blogging. I’ll write what I’m thinking while watching the movie. I think it’s going to be fun to do 😀 Tell me if this is something that you enjoy, okay? Thanks!

Today’s movie: Beautiful Creatures

BCIn Gatlin, South Caroline, the teenager Ethan Wate dreams on leaving the conservative town and go to the college. Ethan has dreams with a mysterious girl and when he meets the fifteen year-old newcomer Lena Duchannes in his class, he realizes that she is the girl of his dreams. The outcast Lena is rejected by the mates since she is the granddaughter of Macon Ravenwood, who is considered a worshiper of the devil by the superstitious dwellers. Ethan gives a ride to Lena and they fall in love with each other. Soon he learns that Lena is a good witch that on her sixteenth birthday will be claimed by the light and the darkness. She may stay in the light, but is cursed to change to the dark side if she falls in love with him. Further, her evil mother Sarafine is a caster that is pushing Lena to the dark side. Now they are seeking a spell to save their doomed love. Will the lovers succeed?


00:00     Let’s get this party started.

00:50     Not even a minute in and I’m already slightly annoyed by his accent. I love a good accent but this is too much. Very heavy.

1:30        “and our theaters always get the titles wrong” [shows cinema advertising the movie ‘interception’]. He he. Funny

03:00   [talking about the civil war] ‘sometimes I imagine I’m one of them’. Gee, can you say foreshadowing?


04:00    Oh there she is. Doesn’t she live with them?

06:30   I kinda liked Emily right up until she said ‘baby, I wish you would read those kinda books [referring to Slaughterhouse Five]. They’re bad for your mind’. Eugh. Little minded people.

08:20  Creepy girl standing in the middle of the road out of nowhere cliché.

09:00  Randomly discussing titanic related survival techniques.

10:00  On second thought, Ethan is very handsome.

12:00  [on Bukowski] “This man is a God.” Ethan Wade knows good poetry.

13:00  I changed my mind. I love the accent.

14:05  Emily [ to Ethan ]: “I pray you won’t go straight to hell,” Ethan: “Oh I won’t go straight to hell, Emily. I’m going to stop at NY first.”  Love it. So much sass.

14:20  I have that exact same version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’! This makes me strangely happy

14:30  Bible Thumpers. Eugh. You have my permission to kill them all, Lena.

16:55  Creepy-door-opening-on-it’s-own cliche. Check.

17:00  The house looks pretty much like I imagined it. Well done, set designers. 😀

20:00  I get a feeling that this Ethan is much more of a charmer than in the books.

23:00 Yay Lena. Making tea and entertaining the guest isn’t necessarily a woman’s job. Good for you.

25:00  Noooo it’s pronounced Macon like Bacon? I always made it sound like Mason in my head. I like Mason better.

25:40  Take over the library from Amma?! You mean they cut out Marion?! WTH. Nope. Not Okay.

29:30  Well done on the flashbacks. I like ’em.

31:00  Creepy scene is creepy

37:00 Oohh Kissehh

38:00  This Ethan is definitely more charming than book Ethan.

43:00  NOpe. Wrong. Ridley uses lollipops. But on the other hand: yay Ridley is here!

46:00  Link’s role is way to small in this movie.

46:00  You tell ’em, Macon. Stupid bitches.

49:40  Noooo too early. Sarafine isn’t due yet for ages. What are you doing?!

50:00  Emma Thompson is such a glorious actress, though.

52:00  “Here’s a good game. Name one species that will miss them [humans]. See, you can’t. Because mortals do nothing but consume and destroy. They invent ideas like ‘god’ and ‘love’  and ‘righteousness’, and then they use those same ideas to kill anyone who disagrees with them. You really want to hang out with those people? They pray without true beliefs and then wonder why their spells don’t work. They don’t even value their pathetic little lives ’till seconds before it’s taken from them, poor things.”  — Sarafine. She might be the villain but she’s right.

54:30  Nice see through dress you got there, Ridley. Must be comfortable.

59:00  I’m missing a couple of family members here.

01:00:00  Spinning spinning spinning. This could have been done better. It’s not as exciting as it should have been. Also, Ridley’s eyes should be yellow all the time.

01:10:00  I’ll say it again, well done on the flash-backs. Love Genevieve’s light to dark transformation.

01:16:00  Ethan gets an A+ in polite ways of saying fuck-off.

01:18:30  Ethan Wade telling it like it is. Go Ethan. Acknowledging all the fucked up shit that has happened is a good thing.

01:20:00  The Caster Library is awesome. Still miss Marion though. Amma and Marion are not interchangeable, okay? Not cool. Amma is pretty amazing though.

01:23:00 Ethan is experiencing some very local showers and is not afraid to call his girlfriend a brat. I like Ethan.

01:28:00 Premature mother related information spillage. This shouldn’t come up till .. what was it.. Beautiful Chaos?

01:37:00  We don’t get to see the dance? Disappointment. Lena makes Ethan forget her? Whut? Works with the movie though.. even if it isn’t in the book.

01:40:00 What the F is Ridley doing to Link. Eugh. Wrong.

01:46:00  Awesome freak tornado.

01:47:12   Wait, what? Oh man. Short cuts. Short cuts everywhere. Bad story following.

01:51:00  talk talk talk. Kill her already. Oh. There you go.

01:55:00  So much is different. I don’t like this. Don’t let it end like this.

01:56:40  Why don’t they explain Lena’s different eye colour? Might be confusing if you haven’t read the book.

01:57:15  LeNAAAA

-The End-

General opinion: if you haven’t read the book(s), it’s a pretty good movie. Entertaining and exciting and dark and mysterious. But if you have read the book there are some glaring holes. Biggest of which is: WHERE IS MARION?!?! She was one of my favourite characters. Amma has so much other responsibilities. To merge the two characters together is like.. blaspheme.

The ending was pretty good, again if you haven’t read the books. The fight with Sarafine was interesting even if it is a bit on the short side. There were a lot of shortcuts in that part though. They missed some important stuff.

Emma Thompson is beautiful and amazing. I’m also a fan of Alden (who plays Ethan). I thought he was very charming. Alice (Lena) was also really good. She has some intense stares.

Oh and it has to be said: props to the costume and set departments. It was all so beautiful!

I rate this movie a 4 out of 5 for the movie on it’s own. If I were to compare it to the book it would probably get like a 3 or a 3,5. There weren’t any enormous changes but enough to be a little irritated by it. As an independent movie it was really good. Will there be a Beautiful Darkness? I hope so!


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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures Movie Review: Live Blogging”

      1. I know exactly what you mean. In some movies they have done it an it worked, because they merged a side character with a main one and it worked because the main character just absorbed the smaller not so important one. But you just can’t do it with two characters that are as important as these two. It would be like merging Narcissa and Bellatrix. Even though they aren’t main characters they are totally different and you shouldn’t merge them!

  1. I liked the movie. I never read the books though. Alden is probably the worst thing about it though. He irritated me. Especially the accent.
    Ridley is one badass character. I hope they continue the series, it seems interesting.

    1. Ohh I liked Alden! 😀 He was very charming I thought. Kinda sassy and I loved that. The accent definitely takes some getting used to but in the end it didn’t bother me as much. You should read the books! They’re pretty good.

  2. Really fun way to do a review! I haven’t seen the movie yet but I really want to, I love country accents! But I also haven’t read Beautiful Chaos yet…do you think I should wait and read that book first?

    I heard they changed a lot to do with the ending as well, but I’m not overly attached to the books although I’ve been enjoying them, so hopefully that won’t bother me too much!


    1. Thanks! I enjoyed doing it! It does take about twice as long to watch the movie though as you have to keep pause to type :p but I think I’ll do it more often!

      Ehm… I think it doesn’t matter that much. Like they reveal something that’s pretty big in Beautiful Chaos (I think it’s that one anyway) but they do it in a way that’s easy to miss. So you can do either if you’re not too bothered with spoilers.

      They do change the ending a bit but not in a way that it’s totally different to the original story. Although it does make me wonder what they’re going to do with Beautiful Darkness. Like, it looks like they’ve made some decisions that would completely change that movie but they could just as easily undo those so I’m not really upset about that. Other than that there were some little changes but didn’t bother me, really. It works with the movie even if it doesn’t fit with the book 🙂 Fighting scene could have been longer though!

      and I know!! I HATE that they cut out Marion. It’s so wrong. Through that they also completely change Amma’s character. It’s like Amarion. Not good, man.

      1. Hmmm, I wonder if they will actually make Beautiful Darkness…I heard that it didn’t do that well at the cinema. I hope they do decide to make it!

        Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  3. I totally agree that the dismissal of Marion was a total mistake as she becomes a pivotal character in either book three or four (can’t remember which one) and the ending of the first film is the ending of the second book??!! If they are going to do a sequel it would have to be from book three. Link needs to have a bigger part also, show more of his relationship with Ridley. Ridleys character was very good in the film, and Macon.

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