Au-pair Adventures pt 1.

I mentioned it a couple of times over the last few weeks but going to elaborate on it today. After I’ve graduated this summer, I’m planning on spending a year in the US of A. I’m going to be doing this by becoming an au-pair. Yes, I will be a full-time taking-care-of-a-stangers-child-er in a foreign country halfway around the world. Why? Because it’s fun, and a life experience. And because it’s halfway across the world. Yay, travel!

enschedeLast week I got into a car with my mom and traveled from my hometown to Enschede (I would love to hear a non-Dutch speaking person try and pronounce that), a city roughly on the other side of the country to attend an information evening for the program that the organisation Activity International hosted. It was a great evening, I received a lot of information and it really made me realize that I want to do this. So the next day I signed up. It’s going to cost me a pretty dollar  (that’s the expression right?) but it’ll be totally worth it. Also, my parents have offered to pay some of the expenses as a graduation present and I will be earning about 250 dollars a week + room and board so I will hopefully be able to safe a lot of that.

So for the last couple of days I’ve been filling out forms, informing them about all of my experience as a care-giver and my degrees, writing a letter to the host family and working on a 2 – 3 minute long video for the potential families to watch. Eugh, I hate being on camera.

Now I just need to get two references, a character reference, a declaration of health and proof that I don’t have a criminal record and I’m good to go.

In the meantime I do need to go on interview and do a psychological test or something. And if that all checks out, then my profile goes life and families could contact me if they wanted to. That would be the exciting part. Because I could go pretty much anywhere in the US. Me, I think I would like to go to the New-England area. Maybe Massachusetts or something. That would be cool. Get a tour of Harvard 😛

But anyway, I will keep you all up to date as this adventure proceeds. I’m half terrified, half really excited about it all. I mean, a year abroad can be either really good or really really bad. I hope it’ll be on the good side!



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8 thoughts on “Au-pair Adventures pt 1.”

  1. Good luck good luck good luck! It can be hard + lonely to be abroad, but it can also be really amazing and wonderful. Hope it is everything you hope for and more! I have a sister who did the same thing and nannied in Italy (we are from the US) and her advice was to spend time with the family and try to cultivate community in the town so you have something to do outside of nannying.

    1. Thanks! I really hope it is wonderful, I guess it depends a lot of the family that I work for. I hope I can find a really nice one 😀

      One of the good things about Au Pair in America is that there are lots of au pairs and once a month the area coordinator will arrange a trip or something for all the au pairs so they’ll meet up and do something or have dinner. That way you can meet other people in the same situation and not become isolated. I think that’s really clever and important because as you said it could be really lonely 🙂 Hope that way I can make loads of friends 🙂

      1. Oh I am SO glad that you will have trips with other au pairs! How wonderful, really. Enjoy your time in the States–I can’t wait to see where you end up! Hearing about the US from other people’s perspective is always really interesting to me. Excited to hear about your experiences 🙂

      2. Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to it 😀 it’s such a great system like this, really. Takes away the fear of being alone and what not. There’s always someone there to help or hang out with! Can’t wait to see the US and tell you all about it 😀 x

  2. That’s very exciting! I know some Australians who are pretty much working their way around the world and when I met them they were all nannying in London. Now one of them’s in Canada, one in Spain and one’s heading off on a crazy mission across Eurasia. Could be the start of something very awesome for you!!

    Also I see you’re currently reading The Running Man and I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. I thought it was nowhere near as good as any of the other Stephen King books I’ve read and I read the ending in a very unsuitable place but I won’t spoil it for you by telling you where I was!

    1. It’s so exciting! It’s a whole new world with all kinds of possibilities that I hadn’t imagined before. I’m so curious to see where it’ll all lead!

      I do agree with you on The Running Man. Not one of his best books. Haha wondering what place you read it in then! In front of the TV maybe? 😛 I’m almost finished with it so I’ll have the review up soon!

  3. Wow what an amazing opportunity! This sounds so great, I can’t wait to see how you get on. 😀 There are so many places in the US I would like to visit, I went to New York but only for four days and it wasn’t nearly enough time. I’d love to take a trip to Nashville, Texas, San Francisco, you name it! I might have to try and do a mini tour of America or something, hehe.

    Look forward to hearing more!

    1. This was also in my spam :/

      I wanted to do a trip around the US, too. Like, rent a car and just go but I’m afraid that it would be a little expensive. But who knows, maybe one of us will win the lottery or something!

      You know I do actually get to go to New York for a 4-day introduction course. But it’s right outside the city and we’re not supposed to just go and explore. We do get a guided tour though so that’s cool 😀

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