Blog 8: “Would you like a side with that?”

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Written by Leigh, Edited by A Wordless Blogger

I am a waitress. It’s not my dream job, but most days it’s fine enough. There are days when I really don’t like it but today was not one of those days. Actually, today was pretty good. There was just this one table that soured the mood, somewhat.

At lunchtime a table of five men joined us in the restaurant. One man in particular was a bit of a pain, being rude and demanding, but honestly none of the comments he made were what pissed me off. I guess you could say that it’s part of the job.

What did get up my back was the tiny little phrase he made right at the beginning of the meal. In response to my question whether anyone on the table would like a side dish with their meal he said “Well actually, I…

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