Why I dislike Summer

All year long we collectively complain about the cold and ‘omg I can’t wait for it to be summer’. While I do agree that the cold should be over and done with, I’m hardly looking forward to the actual summer. I’m much more a fan of spring or even fall. I’ll give you a list of reasons why.

1. I don’t handle heat very well. One step outside and I’m red-faced and I’ll look like I’m dying. It’s embarrassing.  Especially since it doesn’t actually bother me that much.

2. It only bothers me when it’s sticky outside. Hot but not sunny, high humidity. ‘Gasping-for-breath’ weather.

3. Bugs. And spiders. Everywhere.

4. ‘Have you gone to the beach yet?’ ‘Are you going to the beach, today?’ ‘Why aren’t you going to the beach?’ ‘Look at how much fun we’re having on the beach’. If you like going to the beach, good on ya. No, really, go enjoy yourself. But for me, no thanks. Spending 30 minutes in a stifling hot train or 3 hours in traffic to go to an overcrowded patch of sand. And since I don’t feel comfortable in a bikini, I won’t get anything out of it at all. Let me sunbathe in my garden, thank you.

5. I burn REALLY easily. Couple of weeks ago I had lunch with a friend and in the hour we sat outside, I got burnt. It wasn’t even that sunny.

6. Nights. My skin is always hot on itself so when it’s really hot at night in the summer, it’s almost impossible for me to sleep. I have to wrap my wrists and feet in cold towels to actually get to sleep.

I do enjoy sitting outside at night and having BBQs and what not but other than that, I’d much prefer spring. I like weather where you don’t have to wear a jacket but it’s not really hot. Give me cool, not hot.

Also, I like rain, the smell and the sound of rain. And thunder. I want to visit Seattle so badly. I hear it rains there a lot.

Am I weird?


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

12 thoughts on “Why I dislike Summer”

  1. I’m totally with you. I used to have a theory that you liked the weather that you liked the weather were born in compared to other weather. Example I was born in February and I like colder weather. But I don’t think that is a valid theory.

    1. Haha it both works and it doesn’t. I was born on June 4th so it could be hot already or still be in that nice spring weather. This year it was really nice, though! We should test this theory you have!

      1. I love the winter! Wrapping up in jumpers and scarves and blankets. Summer sucks because you’re always hot and sticky and it gets to a point where it’s indecent to take any more clothes off. and you can’t read outside because the sun’s too bright and there’s flies everywhere. Winter rules! (I was born in January so I fit your theory 😉

  2. I HATE being cold. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! And our houses are not nearly as thoroughly insulated as in Europe so you freeze inside and out. The heat doesn’t bother me, though I’d give mosquitoes a pass any day.

    1. I don’t mind the cold as much but I say that from my nicely isolated house.. I only start to dislike winter when it has snowed and the snow has frozen now you have to watch every step because you might slip. My hatred of this has 10 folded last winter when I slipped and my laptop bag fell of on my arm and almost dislocated my shoulder. Each season has it’s downs, I guess 😛

  3. The sweaty sleepless nights are the worst! Here in Dublin summers are usually non-events anyway, but summer in Australia is stifling. Agree about the beaches too, I like the odd beach visit but packed beaches full of kids really turn me off. I like beach with just a few people, which thankfully Australia has plenty of.

    I had an awesome summer in Dresden a few years back, that was really hot and awesome, especially after a few Irish summers lol 🙂

    I burn easy too, so I tend to stick to the shade or wear a hat and long sleeved shirt.

    Stay cool Emma!


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