BA’s Posting Challenge: Nooks



26th of May – Nooks: A picture or description of the place you love to read at.

 I have two places where I read most: public transportation and my bed. I always (read: always always always) carry a book around with me. Mostly I end up reading those books in the train or metro or whatever because I’m bored and I don’t have anything better to do. It’s entertaining and it makes the time pass.

The second place where I always read is my bed. I’m not much of a couch reader and when I read it’s when I’m in bed. I have this big (I think queen size..) bed where I can just spread out and enjoy my book. I always read before sleeping, no exceptions, and I usually keep like 3 or 4 books in my bed at a time. I sometimes also read 3 or 4 books at a time 😛

No picture as my room is a damn mess but I promise you, it’s amazing. You all should be jealous of my bed.


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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