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May 28: Top Ten Tuesday Freebie (Anything you want! )

Holy shit actually on a Tuesday as well!

For this freebie i’ve decided to do Top Ten Books You Wish You Could Read Again For The First Time

You know how books are so amazing you ravage them and you just can’t seem to stop. And then it’s over and you know what happened and although the book is still amazing, you never get that same feeling as when you read it for the first time?

1. Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone/Goblet of Fire/Order of the Phoenix/Half-blood prince/Deathly Hallows

Not wanting to name all the HP books but these definitely. I remember when I stayed up till 5 am because I was right at the part where Dumbledore died and I just couldn’t stop.

2. Storm Front (Dresden Files #1)

I really would want to be able to read the start of this amazing series again. Really appreciate and enjoy the humour and the action, take my time to read and understand the plot. Not that I didn’t do that the fist time but I would like to again.

3. The Hunger Games

4. Cujo – Stephen King

This was one of the first SK I read and it took me a couple of goes to finish it completely. I would really want to go back and read the whole book without stopping to really appreciate the horror and the story.

5. Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen

Same story as with Cujo. I read this when I was a bit younger and maybe I should have waited a little. I had a bit of a hard time really getting into the story and didn’t appreciate the language. If I read it now for the first time, I would probably be able to really get lost in the story.

6. The Da vinci Code / Angels and Demons –  Dan Brown

Both Dan Brown books and both amazing. It was really an adventure reading these books and you just can’t stop till the mystery is solved.

7. Fast Women – Jennifer Crusie

I read this book in Dutch the first couple of times I read it. I wish now I had read it in English first. The Dutch translation was kinda choppy and didn’t flow right. But amazing book!

8. C0nfessions of a Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

Because laughter.

9. Shutter Island

I wish I had read the book before the movie. Would have saved me a lot of confusion!

10. The Colour Purple

I read this book for an assignment in uni and I was so completely smitten by the story and the writing. I was completely and utterly fascinated. Really would like that again!


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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  1. You only left two HPs out. Might as well have included them. I read Deathly Hallows in a single sitting the first time! Maybe it’s time to read all 7 again. It’s been a while.

    Did not like Da Vinci Code. He kept interrupting the story with explanations. Felt more like a history book than a thriller. Loved Angels and Demons, though. Then I made the mistake of reading The Lost Symbol and am very reluctant to spend any money or time on Inferno, thought the blurb looks promising.

  2. Looks like we have the same likes.

    Since you like Harry Potter, I hope you can find time to nread Eragon too. Don’t watch the movie ! ! It’s the worst adaptation ever, so bad that the author got depressed ! Anyway is a series, 4 books in all.

    Happy reading !

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