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May 21: Top Ten Favorite Book Covers Of Books I’ve Read

Yes yes I know I’m late again. I’m renaming it Top Ten Whenever I Find the Damn Time.

1. Starcrossed – Josephine Angelini 

Wrote a review about this book yesterday. No matter what I thought of the book – brilliant or horrible – the cover of my copy is amazing.


2. Summer Knight – Jim Butcher (Dresden Files #4)

One of my favourite book covers of the series. Pretty much all of them are amazing but I always liked this one best.

Summer Knight

3. Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix – JK Rowling

I always liked the ‘adult’ version covers. Of those the Order of the Phoenix always stood out for me.


4. The Shining – Stephen King

I love that it has a wasp on the cover. If you  have only seen the movie, you wouldn’t get the reference. Also I love this line of covers for the SK books. They’re really simple and pretty.


5. Dead to the world – Charlaine Harris (True Blood/Southern Vampire Series/Sookie Stackhouse series #4)

Not the original covers but I love these. Especially this one. Sexy sexy Eric. When’s the next season starting??

true blood

6. Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer (Twilight #3)

Say what you will about Twilight, the covers are really cool. Eclipse is my favourite.


7. Looking for Alaska – John Green

Simple and symbolic. Can you ask for more?

looking for Alaska

8. Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children – Ransom Riggs

Scary, creepy, intriguing. Honestly, it’s the cover that made me want to buy the book.

miss p book cover with border

9. And then there were none  – Agatha Christie

My all time favourite Agatha Christie book. Love how the book cover is all gloomy and mysterious.

And Then There Were None3

10. Jan Rap en z’n Maat – Yvonne Keuls

This book always seems to come back in my lists. Drawing made by the writer, a drawing of one of the characters.



Author: EMK

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  1. Really cool covers, all of them. I like The Shining one the best from an aesthetic perspective, it really jumps out. It’s funny how a strong cover can really have an effect on our perception of the book 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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