Liebster Awards Done Twice

It’s raining Awards. Hallelujah it’s raining Awards.

Both Leah and Megan nominated me for the Liebster award. A big huge glorious thank you to these two lovely ladies. Now excuse me for a minute while I do a little dance because getting awards awesome


Recipients of the Liebster Award must:
1.List 11 Random Facts about you
2.Answer the questions that were asked of you (By the blogger that nominated you)
3.Nominate 11 other blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and Link to their Blogs
4.Notify the bloggers of their award.
5.Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer once they accept the award

11 Random Facts

1. The one thing I love most about blogging is the community I have found here. There are a couple of people around here that I’ve come to know a little and they’re all amazing. It’s like a ball of book loving awesome.

2. After you’ve done a couple of these awards, it’s incredibly hard to come up with ‘random facts’.

3. I don’t enjoy getting drunk. I like being in control of myself. I’ve only been tipsy a few times.

4. I kinda want a tattoo but I’m scared I’ll regret it.

5.  Sweet popcorn. Never salty.

6. I get way to attached to inanimate objects. Like, if I get a new phone I feel sorry for the old one.

7. I have a thing for accents.

8. I love the Disney Classics. I know pretty much every song. Ask me, I dare ya.

9. My favourite movie is ‘What Dreams May Come’ because I love the idea of Heaven in that movie.

10. I love it when books address social issues. It makes you think about the way things are.

11. Are you my mummy? 

Questions asked by Frustrated Reader

1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how much do you enjoy blogging?

Hmm.. I’m going to have to say an 8. I really do enjoy blogging but having to keep going all the time is a bit of a con. 

2. How do you choose which blogs to follow?

I’m quite liberal with my follows, I guess. If I read a post I like, I’ll probably like and follow. I do confess that I’m not good at regularly reading blogs though.. 
3. Do you prefer green or blue in general?

Blue. Although green is my second favourite colour! 
4. Do you believe in soul mates, why or why not?

I do. I’m a romantic and I love the idea of there being someone with whom you can completely match. Don’t know if many people are lucky in finding it though.
5. If you could travel anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go and why?

Can I say ‘around the world’? No? I would have to say travel around the USA. Or Australia. But probably the USA. 
6. Would you rather live by a body of water or on the Plains?

Live by a body of water (swamps excluded). I would love to live near a lake. 
7. Why did you choose WordPress?

Because my friend was blogging here.. I followed. 
8. Are there aliens?

I think it’s very arrogant to think that in a universe as huge in this one, we are the only ones around. We make up what like 0,0001% of the universe? Yea, no we are definitely not alone. 
9. Do you believe in a higher power?

Yes but I don’t follow the bible or anything. I try to be a good person and that should be enough. 
10. Do you expect to blog for the rest of your life or is it until you get super burned out?

I honestly have no idea. Depends on how it goes.. 


Questions Perks of Being a Bookworm 

1 What is your name and what does it mean

My name is Emma Miriam. Emma means whole or universal with Germanic origin. I’ve been baptised so my middle name is biblical. Miriam was Moses’s sister. Also means ‘star of the sea’. 
2 Your favourite character from your favourite book and why

I have to choose one? Impossible. 
3 Your favourite character from your least favourite book and why

Emmett from Twilight. Because he sounds like the big brother I never had but always wanted. 
4 cats or dogs – why?

Both. Never had a dog but I have two cats. They’re both great. Cats don’t like cuddles though.. 
5 Favourite type of desert

Cake. Definitely cake. 
6 Do you like kindles, discuss

I don’t own one but I am not opposed to them either. I recognize their usefulness as you can carry around loads of books without the extra weight. Nothing will ever beat the look and feel of a full bookcase though. 
7 Favourite movie adaptation of a book and why

So far I would have to say ‘The Notebook’. I actually like the movie better than the book. Silver Linings Playbook also did a really wonderful job. 
8 Who would win in a fight between Holden Caulfield and Christian Gray?

I don’t think they would physically fight each other. Holden would definitely own a discussion though. 
9 Would Gandalf and Dumbledore have been mates if they had ever met?

Yes, I think so. 
10 Favourite bit of book merchandise you’ve seen/ you own

I .. don’t own any merchandise.. strangely enough. I rather spend money on more books. 
11 Favourite place to read.

Bed. Or in public transportation. 

New Questions

1. Where are you from and would you like to live there forever?

2. Have you ever lived in a different country? No matter how long.

3. Are you part of any fandoms?

4. Is your blog focussed on one particular thing? (books/movies/travel etc)

5. Are you a student or do you have a job? If so, what do you study/what’s your job?

6. What was your favourite subject in school? And your least favourite?

7. If you could do anything with your life, what would it be?

8. What is your favourite way to procrastinate?

9. Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr?

10. What was your favourite movie growing up?

11. What do you like best about yourself?

New Nominees

1. Becky’s Blog

2. Dave & Leigh

3. A World of Wars

4. Kokkieh

5. Rohan7Things

6. The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

7. I am Sam Tule

8. Kepagewriter

Make sure to check out all these wonderful people 


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

13 thoughts on “Liebster Awards Done Twice”

      1. It’s a great episode, almost as good as Journey’s End in terms of epicness, but if you cried when Mufasa died in Lion King, keep the tissues close.

  1. Congrats and thank you for the nomination 🙂

    It’s been a while, how have you been keeping?

    I don’t like to get super drunk either, tipsy can be okay, but I prefer to stay in control as well 🙂 And get a tatt, totally worth it hehe 😉


    1. Hi! No problem!

      I’m good 🙂 busy though. Life happens and all that :P. And you?

      I just have this fondness of wanting to be able to see straight 😛 I want to get a tatt but I don’t know which one or where! Don’t want to make mistakes in that front 😛

      See you around I hope! xx

      1. Haha, I know. It’s so permanent! Well take your time, I’m sure you’ll make a good choice. And you can always colour a tattoo over if you really dislike it later on 🙂

        Talk soon!


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