BA Posting Challenge – In the Design




12th of May – In the Design: How did you come to have your current blog design and what do you love about it?

Let me tell you, I’m that kind of person who changes their blog design every couple of months. I’ve only been blogging since November and I’ve already changed it twice. It has everything to the way I’m feeling and what’s appealing to me at the time. The theme I had before was called ‘Piano Black’ and it was – wait for it- all black. I picked that one because I wanted something dark and sleek and elegant. But then I got tired of that and I wanted something more colourful. So, when I came across this theme, I was really happy. Especially since I can change the widget title colours and that’s pretty cool. So when I get tired of the green stuff, I’ll change it to blue or purple or whatever and placate myself for a bit. Or I’ll just pick a new theme altogether. We’ll see 😉


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

One thought on “BA Posting Challenge – In the Design”

  1. At a time before I embraced the freebieness of WordPress, I rented server space that allowed me to code my website so the theme and main banner changed every day, based on the last digit of the day. Ten different designs and color schemes! And I had at least that many as backups! I like the graphic banner I created for my current WordPress blog, so I haven’t gotten radical about changing it…but give it time…

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