BA’s Posting Challenge – Disgruntled Blogging


Disgruntled Blogging: What are some of the cons you’ve discovered when it comes to blogging?

This week’s subject is pretty easy. Just look at my blog name: A Wordless Blogger. I’ve explained before how I got that name. It’s that I started blogging after a friend started blogging about her study trip to Spain. I liked reading about it and I wanted to do that, too. Only problem was that I don’t live a very adventurous life and I was pretty much assuming that I was going to run out of subjects to talk about within a week. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

But that’s definitely a con to blogging. You always have to have a subject at hand. I’m glad that I’ve found my place within the bloggingworld, though. I’m mostly a book centred blog but I also do movie reviews and every once in a while I talk about education or recent events, or I share something personal -gasp-. So it’s not that much of a problem for me. But I think I’ve made the right choice not boxing myself into one definite category. As it says on my About page, this blog is at my minds disposal 😉

Another con that I have experienced is that you have to keep going or suffer the consequences. I was blogging regularly up till about the end of January, then I had a little break because of school and things and I have definitely noticed the overall decrease of visitors and likes on my blog. It’s not that I mind so much, after all I do this because I love it and it makes me happy, but still.. it’s nice to see that people read your stuff. Although I have to say that since the start of the Book Notes Project, my views have gone up a bit :).

Obviously though, there are definitely more pros than cons. Otherwise I would not be here right now! Biggest pro of all: so many awesome people here on WordPress! I mean that, you’re such a civilized bunch. I’ve never had an unkind comment and as far as I can tell you are all really really nice. I like it ;).


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

One thought on “BA’s Posting Challenge – Disgruntled Blogging”

  1. I definitely agree with your second con! I always feel a little sad when I see that my blog stats have gone down lol, I went through a stage of checking them compulsively. My other con is spoilers, because I read a lot of book reviews and sometimes people don’t warn that they’re going to include spoilers! Arrg, I’ve had a few books ruined that way!

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