BA’s Posting Challenge – Book Lies


21st of April – Book Lies: Have you ever lied about reading a book (if so, what was it)? Would you?

I generally don’t lie about books. Although I do have to say that I have fibbed about this in the past. In the 30 Day Book Challenge I wrote about how I once lied about reading Lolita. I have a perfectly good explanation, I swear! It was that we had to read 7 books, which we had to pick ourselves, for our Dutch class. So, trying to be smart I chose Lolita. I still don’t know why the teacher approved it as the version I owned was in English and it’s by a Russian author instead of a Dutch one. Anyway, I got about halfway through the book and then I just stopped. But, I did have an oral exam about the book so I had to lie about having read it. Apparently I did it pretty well because I passed!

But other than that I don’t lie about the books I have read, or haven’t read for that matter. Honestly, I don’t see the point. Why tell people that you have read books when you haven’t? The only thing that can happen is people asking you questions that you won’t be able to answer. I have never lied about books that I have read, either. That to me is the silliest thing in the world. Why would you do that? As far as I know, the only reason to lie about books that you have read, pretending that you haven’t read them, is if you want to conform to what you think people want to hear: ‘psh, no I haven’t read 50 shades of grey! I would never read something like that! (I secretly devoured all three books in 2 days but you can’t know that)’. Why would you judge a person by the books they have read?

I have read Twilight (all 4 books + the novella) and all three books of 50 shades of Grey. I haven’t read a whole lot of books that I really should read.. but I will. And I won’t lie about it! 😉


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2 thoughts on “BA’s Posting Challenge – Book Lies”

  1. I don’t think I have lied about having read a book I haven’t, though I have recommended books to people/behaved as if I know exactly what they’re about that I haven’t read myself/finished yet.

    Interesting bit of trivia: I read some time ago (so it could have changed in the meantime) that the two books most people have lied about having read is the Bible and George Orwell’s 1984. (I haven’t been able to read the latter yet as my second-hand copy is missing the first 30 pages.)

  2. My school is celebrating World Book Day the whole of this month (!!) with book fairs, chance to meet authors etc, and a part of these celebrations includes the Dozen Book Challenge (complete reading 12 books before the 21st of May, submit a list to school, school asks questions based on the books, win a certificate) I have enrolled myself for the challenge in spite of being a slow reader but most kids just plan to submit a fake list simply for the sake of receiving a certificate. It saddens me, to be honest.
    But it’s circumstances like these that lead people to lie about books they have read.

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