New Challenge(s)!

When I first started blogging I was worried that I was going to run out of topics in no time. I don’t live a very adventurous life and, honestly, my imagination isn’t broad enough to keep coming up with subjects regularly. That’s why I chose the name ‘a Wordless Blogger’, because I wanted to blog and write but was afraid that I wouldn’t find the words.

Then, I found the 30 Day Book Challenge over on Becky’s Blog and it gave me something to write about every day and through that I learnt that I really love writing about books. I mean, that I loved reading books I’ve known for a long time but that was the first time that I actually had to answer question on books. Through that challenge my blog became mostly book oriented and I love that. I recently started taking notes while I read new books so I remember what I want to write about when I finish reading them (I’m currently reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ as you can see in the currently reading section on the right, and already have a LOT of notes. Can’t wait for the review. I don’t think many people are going to agree with me :P).

But yea, so I started doing that challenge and it was amazing and I got a couple of followers and I started to recognize the names of the people who regularly commented on my posts and it felt like a great community that I had found here. A community of book lovers!

But then I got really busy at uni and then that thing with Abi happened and I stopped blogging regularly for a while. Through that my stats have dropped and all that. And now that I am picking it up again, I have to keep reminding myself to keep posting regularly. Not that I’m not enjoying it, it’s just that it’s out of my system. Is that the right description? I dunno.. you get the picture.

Anyway! The point is that I have decided to join in on Bookish Ardour’s brand new posting challenge! It is a book themed, one post a week  for 26 weeks, challenge. The topics are already published so I know what I’m writing about but the rules say only one post a week. I’m really looking forward to talking about books again! I mean like, I love writing reviews and I talk about specific books through that but I also really enjoy talking about books in general so I’m really looking forward to this!

I’m also going to pick up the 30 Day About Me Challenge which I left off because of reasons but now I feel that I’m ready to start up again 😀 I got that challenge from Minted Moose but unfortunately her blog is no longer available.

So, getting back in the saddle! I’m really excited about this 😀

If you want to join in on any of these challenges please visit the original posters and give it a shot!

I’m going to start tomorrow though because right now it’s 3:00 AM and I’m tired.

Goodnight Neverland!


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

2 thoughts on “New Challenge(s)!”

  1. Aren’t challenges and memes awesome! I think without them I wouldn’t be blogging as much as I would like. It’s hard to keep going sometimes, which is why memes are great. You need a break from thinking of content, just take up a meme or challenge. They make me so happy.

    I look forward to reading your review of Perks. I didn’t think anyone would agree with my opinons either, but there’s always like-minded people out there.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge Emma.

    1. Challenges and memes really are awesome! Totally agree, I don’t think I’d be blogging right now if it wasn’t for them! I think I would have lived up to my name and indeed run out of topics 😛

      Thank you, too! And I’m curious to see what the comments will be on my Perks review.

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