What does my room say about me?

My university has a school newspaper called Ad Valvas and at the end of every edition they do this thing where they post a picture of a student’s apartment and they have other students look at it and try to figure out what kind of person lives in that room. Also, a couple of weeks ago I saw this blogpost by someone (I can’t remember who) who did the daily prompt where you had to look at your room as though it’s not your rooms and describe the person who lives there. This is what I’m going to do today.

On the outside of the bedroom door is a black and white poster of a rose. So, I’m guessing it’s a girls room. This is confirmed when I open the door and walk in. Directly on my right hand side is an open wardrobe with lots of clothes hanging from the open doors. A lot of dark coloured clothing. Hm.

There’s a little bit of space in the middle of the room. It’s not very big but definitely not small either. Straight ahead is a desk, pushed against the wall, underneath a windowsill. It’s mostly neat but dusty, I don’t think it is used very often. You can also see it’s old, there scratches on top and there are bits of fake wood chipped off. On the windowsill itself is the proof that this room belongs to a girl: lots and lots of nail polish, earrings and other jewelry. There isn’t much on the desk itself, a couple of notebooks, a funny mug, office supplies (stapler, perforator, tape) covered in dust.

On the right side of the desk are 2 big bookcases. It’s clear that these books are her prized possessions. They are neatly lined up and the shelves are dust-free. There are many kinds of books (see here). A lot of chick-lit but also Stephen King and Jim Butcher. The top shelves of both bookcases are full of photo albums. Did she make them herself? Maybe she likes having all those memories close. On the very bottom of the right bookcase are two baskets. One is filled with random old Dutch books, the other consists of 2 things: 1. a couple of recent psychology magazines and 2. a full collection of W.I.T.C.H. comic books. Did she collect them as a child? Does she still read them?

Judging from the study books on the left hand side, she studies something that has to do with psychology, sociology or something similar. Also, she owns two of the same statistics books. Why would someone buy two of the same book? Weird.

On the left side of the room is a big bed, unmade. In the bed itself is a collection of items, 5 different books, a notebook, a ps3 controller, television remotes and two extra throwpillows. 

On the food of the bed is a long open cabinet. The top is filled with electronic equipment (from left to right: a Playstation 3, big old television, a TV box thingy and a DVD player). On the very right are a couple of DVD boxes from One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural. On top of the TV are a couple of PS3 games stacked which look like they’re about to fall off any minute.

The second plank of this cabinet is completely filled with DVDs. They are mostly sorted by colour and then there are some random stacks next to it. There are more DVDs than fit in the cabinet. This person needs some extra space! You can’t really see the bottom of the cabinet as it’s hidden by the bed frame. However, it’s filled with decorative things, candles etc.  

Next to the door on the left is a full length mirror which hangs from the wall. It looks old. Maybe a hand-me-down from someone in the family? All the walls in th room are decorated with cards from friends, notes and photos (also see here). On the inside of the door hangs a poster of ‘Murphy’s Law’ explaining that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong by giving a lot of funny examples (for instance: ‘interchangeable parts – wont’ or ‘a shortcut is the longest distance between two points’).

Conclusion: hmm. I think this is the room of a late teen/early twenties girl. Definitely a student as judged from the studybooks. She loves to read and takes great care of her books. She’s kinda girly but also likes to play a good shooter game. She’s kinda messy (there are some items of clothing on the desk chair) and needs to dust more often. Also, she needs to make her bed.

I think I’d like this girl, though 😉



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

4 thoughts on “What does my room say about me?”

  1. Ooooh this is such a cool idea! You did a great job of describing it as well. Do you think I could maybe use this idea on my own blog if I get the time? With full credit to you of course. 🙂

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