Game Review: BioShock Infinite

Wait, what? A game review? This isn’t something that I usually do, is it? No, it’s not but I feel like I have to do it anyway. In my last post I told you that I finished playing BioShock Infinite yesterday and that I was extremely impressed with it. Today, I’m going to elaborate on that a bit.

The story

It’s 1912. Your name is Booker DeWitt, an ex-soldier with a dark past. Ever since the war you have racked up some gambling debts without means to pay them back. So, to wipe away the debt you accept an assignment to find a girl and take her back to New York. The girl’s name is Elizabeth and she’s being held in the city of Columbia. Columbia is a floating city in the sky unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The game starts with you sitting in a little row-boat with two slightly strange people who bring you to (of course) a lighthouse. On the door of the lighthouse is a note that says “DeWitt – Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. This is your last chance”. You make your way up to the top of the lighthouse and are promptly launched into the air, arriving in Columbia.

Columbia is ruled by the prophet Zachery Comstock. He believes that he has saved the people of Columbia from the ‘Sodom below’ and he warns them about the ‘False Shepard’ who will try and lead them astray. He says that the false Shepard bears the mark, ‘AD’ branded onto his right hand. Coincidentally this is exactly the mark that you bear on your hand. Are you this ‘False Shepard’?

Opposite of Comstock’s followers are the Vox Populi, the people of the revolution, the poor and the black (remember that this takes place in 1912 when racism and segregation was common), who are planning a revolution. They want to get what they deserve but mostly they want to get rid of Comstock.

You make your way though Columbia to where they hold Elizabeth and you try to get her out. Whatever it takes.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty much the same as in the previous BioShock games. Controls and all that have not changed. There are some new things and things that differ from the original games.

Instead of Eve you take Salts to power your Vigors which used to be Plasmids. The Vigors themselves are very different from what Plasmids used to be. You can use almost all of them to set traps for your enemies by charging them before releasing.

There are a LOT of gun options in this game. I don’t know exactly how many guns there are but there are plenty. The only problem is that you can only carry them two at a time. So if you run out of ammo or if you want a different weapon, you have to go find it. You really have to figure out which one you like and hold on to it.

The best part about this game, except for the storyline, are the graphics. It is absolutely stunning. I really couldn’t believe how detailed and bright everything was. Where Rapture was dark and ominous, Columbia is bright and colourful and almost cheery. It is truly amazing.

Besides the fact that the graphics are absolutely amazing there is also a lot to say about the elaborateness (is that a word?) of the game. Instead of just being able to play the storyline, you can go exploring and do optional missions. There is so much to see and do and every single bit of space has as much beauty and detail as the bigger areas. I can understand why the game was delayed as long as it was.

The Ending

There are a lot of factors that are incorporated in the ending. Little details that you first encounter in the very beginning of the game that don’t make sense until the very ending. It was a complete and total MindF*** if you don’t mind me saying, but in a good way. I was still reeling from it about 15 minutes after I finished playing because I was still trying to figure out what’s what. I’m not going to post spoilers so I won’t explain the ending. If you didn’t understand the ending fully I redirect you to this website where it is all explained. I repeat the writer’s warning though: DO NOT READ THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE FULLY COMPLETED THE GAME. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL RUIN IT FOR YOURSELF AND YOU REALLY REALLY DON’T WANT THAT.

I do want to say that the ending was really spectacular. I was awed and amazed by it. I really want to commend the creators and writers of BioShock on thinking of such an ingenious storyline.

I do recommend this game, or all the BioShock games for that matter, to everyone. Even if you’re not much of a gamer you should give it a try. It’s really worth it. I have a feeling I’m going to play this game again and again.

Booker & Elizabeth

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