Hi there you beautiful person who visited my blog.

If you did that click-click-clickidy in your reader (or facebook or twitter or tumblr), you can see that I have recently changed my blog theme. If this is your first time visiting my blog.. well… take my word for it, it’s new.

I was working today and suddenly I thought ‘it’s time for a new theme’. So, I went a-looking for a good one and when I came across this one, I wanted it. It’s still kinda dark as I like it but it also has pwetty colours and cool icons at the top right for my twitter and facebook pages.

I guess I wanted something new for a new period in my life. Changes ftw.

A while back I told you all that I was very busy with exams and my master thesis proposal and all that is nearly done. I had my very last exam ever yesterday. Man, that’s so weird.. I’ve been a student/pupil for the last 19 years and then suddenly.. it’s over. I’m only 22 for goodness sake! I’m not ready to be an adult and have a fulltime job and all that. Areghafaf. *freakout*

Ahum.. anyway.. My thesis proposal and my other project are due on Friday and after that I have given myself a couple of days to recover from all the stress and anxiety that the last few weeks have given me, before actually breaking ground on my thesis.

In those couple of days I will completely catch up on my blogging which includes:

– To Kill a Mockingbird book review

– Sinister movie review

– Stardust book AND movie rieview

– Silver Linings Playbook book review

And probably some other things..

So I hope I will see you lovely people around when I’m doing all that and for now I wish you all a good day (the sun is actually shining here -gasp-) and I will see you soon.

Oh btw, the banner will be back as soon as I’ve figured some stuff out.



Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

6 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. That’s pretty cool, it’s better then what happened to me in New York at a once peaceful coffee shop. Suddenly out of no-where, I was viciously chased down by a group of crazed, wild eyed college kids/gamers wanting & demanding to know what happens next in my cautionary tale of a novel, LondenBerg by Lord Biron, it’s on amazon. Anyhow, 3 weeks before, in New Orleans, another small horde of fans/gamers stole my laptop & scribble paper in which I was happily drawing pictures. I don’t know what’s going on but they won’t stop & they demand to know what happens next to the characters. I don’t want to be that creative Arthur maybe because I like my errors & misspellings in my novel. It’s honest, raw, kinda like me, jagged & misspelled. I don’t want to be famous, that’s for someone else. After looking around, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Wait a second, you got to be kidding me. I better grab my coffee, laptop, paper & a taxi because here they come again!

    1. Thank you! When I was looking through the themes I was like ‘oh that’s a nice one! No, wait, it’s a paid one. Great’. It’s very tempting but I have vowed that unless I start blogging for something more than just a hobby, I won’t spend any money on it 😛 But there are some nice free ones out there, too 😀

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