Favourite ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ quotes

I can’t believe I forgot about this while writing my review..

So yea.. while reading the book there were several times that I came across a quote that I really wanted to remember. Among these were:


Monotony doesn’t make for painlessness. In the first century CE, Roman authorities punished St. Apollonia by crushing her teeth one by one with pliers.  Colin often thought about this in relationship to the monotony of dumping: we have thirty-two teeth. After a while, having each tooth individually destroyed probably gets repetitive, even dull. But it never stops hurting.  — p. 94


Without Katherine and without his Theorem and without his hopes of mattering, he had very little. But he always had books. Book are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back. – p. 108


I’m a not-doer. Like, I’m lazy, but I’m also good at not-doing things I’m not supposed to do. I never drank or did drugs or hooked up with girls or beat people up or stole or anything. I was always good at that, although not so much this particular summer. But then doing all that stuff here felt weird and wrong, so now I’m back to happily not-doing. But I’ve never been a doer. I never did anything that helped anybody. Even the religious things that involve doing, I don’t do. I don’t do Zakat (giving to the poor; one of the five pillars of Islam). I don’t do Ramadan. I’m a total non-doer. I’m just sucking food and water and money out of the world and all I’m giving back is, ‘Hey, I’m really good at not-doing. Look at all the bad things I’m not doing! Now I’m going to tell you some jokes!’  (…) So but anyway, being funny is a way of not-doing. sit around and make jokes and be Mr. Funnypants and just make fun of everyone else’s attempts to do something. Make fun of you when you get back and try to love yourself another Katherine. Or make fun of Hollis for falling asleep covered in her work every night. Or get on your case for shooting a hornets’ nest when I didn’t shoot at all. So that’s it. I’m going to start doing. p. 193 – 194



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