The ABC award!

Awwhhh Yeaahhhh 

*Happy Dance*

Yes, you’re seeing this right. I got nominated for another blogging award! This time for the Awesome Blog Content Award courtesy of George Saba who nominated me for this amazing award. He also said that my blog is his favourite blog! Wahhhh!!! *Extra Happy Happy Dance* This has truly made my day.

Okay so I’m supposed to go though the alphabet, posting something about me with every letter.

(10 minutes later .. OK this harder than I thought) 

A – Addiction. As in Hello my name is Emma and I’m addicted to buying books. 

B – Blogging or Books. As in two of my favourite things 

C – Complicated. This is life. 

D – Dutch. Which I am 🙂 

E – Emma. My name

F – Food. I love it. I love cooking it and eating it. 

G – (9)Gag. One of the best websites ever. 

H – The Harrys. Harry Potter & Harry Dresden. Literary Gods. 

I – Introverted. Which is what I am. I am not ashamed. 

J – Job hunting. Which is what I need to be doing soon.. I hope to have a job after I graduate. 

K – King. As in Stephen. One of my favourite authors. 

L – Love. I love love. I love being in love. 

M – Musicals. Totally in love with Musicals. I don’t know anyone more addicted to musicals than me. 

N – Nutella. Food of the Gods. 

O – Omnivore. I eat everything. I could not survive being a vegetarian.  

P – Puzzles. I love puzzles. Puzzle games, regular puzzles, sudoku. Gimmeh. 

Q – Questions. I adore answering questions. Ask away! 

R – Restless. I am this a lot of the time. 

S – Singing. It´s a shame that my voice makes the dogs howl because I love singing. 

T – Travelling. I wish I had the money to do this. 

U – University. Huge part of my life right now. Can´t wait till I´m done. 

V – Vlogbrothers. Awesome YouTube channel. Can´t stop watching it. 

W – What Dreams May Come. My favourite movie. 

X – eXtra cheese please. On my burger. 

Y – YOU because you’re awesome 

Z – Zzzleeping. One of my favourite things to do. 

Oh my Goodness. That was so hard!!

Now for the nominees:

1. Book, Interrupted

2. Bernasaurus

3. Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic

4. Arts and Youth Love

5. Yellow Lemons 

Now, If you all will excuse me. I’m going to do something very important. Which is eat. Omnomnom.

Make sure you check out the other nominees and please leave a comment if the spirit moves you to do so! 


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

5 thoughts on “The ABC award!”

  1. Awwh, thanks for the nomination Emma, this is the hardest blog award I’ve ever seen, I’m totally up for the challenge this looks like loads of fun!

    Congratulations, I really enjoy reading your blog so keep up the great work. 🙂

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