Book Review: Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles #4)

beautiful redemptionEthan Wate always dreamed of leaving the stifling southern town of Gatlin

But he never dreamt that finding love with Lena Duchannes would drive him away. Lena is a Caster girl whose supernatural powers unveiled a secretive and cursed of Gatlin, so powerful it forced him to make a terrible sacrifice

Now Ethan must find a way to return to Lena – and Gatlin – as she vows to do whatever it takes to get him back. Even if it means trusting old enemies or risking their loved ones’ lives..  



Ethan Wate is dead. He sacrificed his own life in order to fix the Order of Things and save the world and all the people he loves in it. Now, he is part of the Otherworld. While it pains him to live separated from Lena and Amma and Link and his father, he knows that it was the right thing to do. And with being dead comes the perk of being able to be with his mom again, who has been there, waiting for him.

While Ethan is getting used to being dead, he is also learning how to travel between worlds so that he can, as a sheer, be with Lena and let her know that he’s still around. He was all ready to get comfortable with being dead. That is, until his aunt Prue takes him to see Obidias Trueblood who tells him that what happened to Ethan wasn’t supposed to happen. Somebody had altered his ‘page’ in the Caster Chronicles, which is kept at the Far Keep, and changed his fate. He was never supposed to be the one to right the wrongs and fix the Order of Things. Obidias also tell him that because Ethan was the victim of someone’s evil plans, there is a chance that Ethan could return to Gatlin and to Lena. The only thing that he has to do is travel to the Far Keep and rip his page out of the Caster Chronicles. 

And so begins Ethan’s final quest with the hopes of returning to his love. But he will only succeed with the help of everyone he can think of. His mom, aunt Prue, Lena, Link, John, Liv, Macon, Amma and even the Greats. Will Ethan succeed in changing his fate one last time?


And with this.. the series is over. I have to be honest.. I don’t mind. Even though I enjoyed this series, I’m not particularly sad that it’s over. It’s definitely not like HP where I was practically begging for another book.

However, as books go, this was a really good one. I very much enjoyed the story line. I said this in the review for Beautiful Chaos but I am really happy with the choice of letting the series continue beyond Ethan’s death and with the decision to continue writing from Ethan’s point of view. I really liked the description of the Otherworld and its inhabitants. It was great to finally meet the Greats.

I was impressed with how they tied the whole story together in the end. Nothing was a coincidence, it was all orchestrated this way as part of some evil plot to take over the world. And in the end, it came back to bite them in the ass. I was a little puzzled as to why they switched to Lena’s point of view for a bit there in the middle of the book. I suppose it makes it more ehm.. involved.. to have Lena tell the story, who is actually alive and there, than to have Ethan watching from the sidelines. It worked, I guess.

The demise of Abraham and Hunting was.. interesting. I want to say I liked it a lot (and I kinda did) but on the other hand was it a bit fast.. But, at least there was a fight! Yay for action scenes. I’m very happy with the role that Link got in this scene. Linkubuses for the win!

Okay now for the not so good parts; we still don’t know what John was or what Abraham had planned for him. I would really have liked to know what kinds of parents he had. Then there was the maze that Ethan had to cross to get to the book. When I read about this maze, I imagined a Goblet of Fire maze with all kinds of obstacles and what not. In the end there was only one thing that he encountered and that he had to overcome. Not that it was something to scoff at. Sarafine was waiting for him, once again. I did, however, like how they gave Sarafine a bit of a heart in the end. I was also really sad that even though they did and epilogue, we don’t get to know what happens to Lena and Ethan or John and Liv or Marian. I wanted to see weddings and kids and that Marian would become the new head of the Far Keep. And finally… Amma. I guess I understand why they did what they did. They did build up to it but I didn’t like to see it happen.

But it was really a good book. I did enjoy it. I especially liked the ending the best. I have to admit.. there were tears. It was pretty much the perfect ending to the series.

Rating: 4/5


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