Tarot Reading

A little while ago my mom bought a new Tarot card set and today we tried it out. I went first, laying the ‘Key’ from which focusses on insight into hidden, unconcious aspects of a  certain question.

It is really incredible that the result of this reading relates exactly to my situation right now. Whatever my experiences with tarot cards or rune stones may have been in the past (which also have been amazing), I keep thinking that it’s just coincidence. But somehow each of these eight cards relate not only to each other, each of them having a meaning that could be related to the others, each of them are also directly related to my state of mind/being at this moment in my life. It is truly amazing.

I’ll first show you the cards that I’ve drawn and what they mean. Then, I’ll discuss why and how they are related to me and my situation.

The entire reading

1. What is being suppressed  –> The Dream

the dream “Some enchanted evening you’re going to meet your soulmate, the perfect person who will meet all your needs and fulfil all your dreams. Right? Wrong! This fantasy that songwriters and poets are so fond of perpetuating has its roots in memories of the womb, where we were so secure and ‘at one’ with our mothers; it’s no wonder we have hankered to return to hat place all our lives. But, to put it quite brutally, it is a childish dream. And it’s amazing we hang on to it so stubbornly in the face of reality. ♦ Nobody, whether it’s your current mate or some dreamed-of partner in the future, has any obligation to deliver your happiness on a platter – nor could they even if they wanted to. Real love comes not from trying to solve our neediness by depending on another, but by developing our own inner richness and maturity. Then we have so much love to give that we naturally draw lovers towards us.”

2. The Yin-card, your feminine (passive) side –> Conciousness 

conciousness“Most of the cards in this suit of the mind are either cartoon-like or troubled, because the influence of the mind in our lives is generally either ridiculous or oppressive. But this card of Consciousness shows a vast Buddha figure. He is so expansive he has gone even beyond the stars, and above his head is pure emptiness. he represents the consciousness that is available to all who become a master of the mind and can use it as the servant it is meant to be. ♦ When you choose this card, it means that there is a crystal clarity available right now, detached, rooted in the deep stillness that lies at the core of your being. There is no desire to understand from the perspective of the mind – the understanding you have now is existential, whole, in harmony with the pulse of life itself. Accept this great gift, and share it.”

3. The Yang-card. Your masculine (dominant) side. –> Innocence

innocence“The old man in this card radiates a childlike delight in the world. There is a sense of grace surrounding him, as if he is at home with himself and with what life has brought. He seems to be having a playful communication with the praying mantis on his finger, as if the two of them are the greatest friends . The pink flowers cascading around him represent a time of letting go, relaxation and sweetness. they are a response to his presence, a reflection of his own qualities. ♦ The innocence that comes from a deep experience of life is childlike, but not childish. The innocence of children is beautiful, but not ignorant. it will be replaced by mistrust and doubt as the child grows and learns that the world can be a dangerous and threatening place. But the innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever-changing wonder of life.

4. The meditation –> Thunderbolt 

Thunderbolt“The card shows a tower being burned, destroyed, blown apart. A man and a woman are leaping from it not because they want to, but because they have no choice. In the background is a transparent, meditating figure representing the witnessing consciousness. ♦You might be feeling pretty shaky right now, as if the earth is rocking beneath your feet. Your sense of security is being challenged, and the natural tendency is to try to hold on to whatever you can. But this inner earthquake is both necessary and tremendously important – if you allow it, you will emerge from the wreckage stronger and more available for new experiences. After the fire, the earth is replenished; after the storm the air is clear. Try to watch the destruction with detachment, almost as if it were happening to somebody else. Say yes to the process by meeting it halfway.”

5. Insight into your body –>  Slowing Down

slowing down“The Knight of Rainbows is a reminder that, just like this tortoise, we can carry our home with us wherever we go. There is no need to hurry, no need to seek shelter elsewhere. Even as we move into the depths of the emotional waters, we can remain self-contained and free from attachments. ♦ It is a time when you are ready to let go of any expectations you have had about yourself and other people, and to take responsibility for any illusions you might have been carrying. There is no need to do anything but rest in the fullness of who you are right now. If  desires and hopes and dreams are fading away, so much the better. Their disappearance is making space for a new quality of stillness and acceptance of what is, and you are able to welcome this development in a way you have never been able to do before. Savour this quality of slowing down, of coming to rest and recognizing that you are already at home.”

6. Insight into your heart –> Rebirth 

Rebirth“This card depicts the evolution of consciousness as it is described by Friedrich Nietzsche in his book, Thus Spake Zarathustra. He speaks of the three levels of Camel, Lion and Child. The camel is sleepy, dull and self-satisfied. He lives in delusion, thinking he’s a mountain peak, but really he is so concerned with others’ opinions that he hardly has any energy of his own. Emerging from the camel is the lion. When we realize we’ve been missing life, we start saying no to the demands of others. we move out of the crowd, alone and proud, roaring our truth. But this is not the end. Finally the child emerges, neither acquiescent nor rebellious, but innocent and spontaneous and true to his own being. ♦ Whatever the space you’re in right now now – sleepy and depressed, or roaring and rebellious – be aware that it will evolve into something new if you allow it. It is a time of growth and change.”

7. Insight into your being –> Politics

politics“Do you recognize this man? All but the most innocent and sincere of us have a politician lurking somewhere in our minds. In fact, the mind is political. Its very nature is to plan and scheme and try to manipulate situations and people so that it can get what it wants. Here, the mind is represented by the snake, covered with clouds and ‘speaking with a forked tongue’. But the important thing to realize about this card is that both faces are false. The sweet, innocent, ‘trust me’ face is a mask, and the evil, toxic, ‘I’ll have my way with you’ face is a mask, too. Politicians don’t have real faces. The whole game is a lie. ♦ Take a good look at yourself to see if you have been playing this game. What you see might be painful, but not as painful as continuing to play. It doesn’t serve anybody’s interest in the end, least of all yours. Whatever you might achieve in this way will just turn to dust in your hands.”

8. Insight into conciousness –> Conditioning 

conditioning“This card recalls an old Zen story, about a lion who was brought up by sheep and who thought he was a sheep until an old lion captured him and took him to a pond, where he showed him his own reflection. Many of us are like this lion – the image we have of ourselves come not from our own direct experience but from the opinions of others. A ‘personality’ imposed from the outside replaces the individuality that could have grown from within. We have become just another sheep in the herd, unable to move freely, and unconscious of our own true identity. ♦ It’s time to take a look at your own reflection in the pond, and make a move to break out of whatever you have been conditioned by others to believe about yourself. Dance, run, jog, do gibberish – whatever is needed to wake up the sleeping lion within.”

How these cards relate to me 

Those who follow my blog regularly know that a couple of weeks ago, I had a not so nice experience. Now that the situation is over and done with I can elaborate a bit on that. Not that anything has changed but everyone knows and the drama has settled a little bit. Okay so here it is: My (former) best friend, Abi, who I have mentioned on this blog many times has decided to go back to being a Jehovah’s Witness, like the rest of her family. In doing this, she is also choosing to leave all her friends behind. Including me. When she informed me of this decision, it hit me very hard. I mean, she was my best friend. The only person in my life who I had absolutely no doubts about and the one who I thought I could trust and count on beyond anyone else. A couple of days  before she told me, I did a very long blogpost about her and that she is the person who changed my life and that we would always be in each others lives. Gosh did I feel embarrassed and gullible.

Anyway, ever since then, I haven’t been doing too well. Like I said, it hit me pretty hard. But, I’ve been slowly getting back up and these cards that I just showed you emphasize that. They basically tell me that I have to step away from the thought that I need other people in my life, whether it be friends or lovers or whatever, to be happy. Not that those people are not important but in the end, happiness is up to you. You need to take care of yourself, develop yourself and most of all be yourself despite of what everyone else wants you to be. In almost all cards it is emphasized how important it is to create your own identity and to be independent. To look at your own reflection, take off the masks, let go of expectations and so forth.

And when I do that, when I strip myself down to the core and be me and only me, I’ll be open to new experiences and new people and who knows.. beautiful things may bloom because of it.


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

2 thoughts on “Tarot Reading”

  1. Ohh wow that is a harsh blow, that must be so difficult for you! On the one hand you must feel terrible and miserable, but on the other hand you probably want to be happy for her and respect her decision because it must of been hard for her too. And then you probably end up feeling guilty because you can’t be happy for her… agghh you just can’t win. It’s so hard when you lose someone that’s close to you, like a part of you is missing and it takes a lot of time to get over it. I hope you find someone new that you’ll make a connection with. 🙂

    As for the tarot cards – I love them! I’ve been tempted to get a set of my own for ages. Are they easy to use or is it quite complex?

    1. Yea it was really a harsh blow. It’s a bit hard to explain because I can’t get into the details but what it comes down to is that I don’t think she’s doing this for the right reasons and that it could even possibly be dangerous for her so it’s pretty much impossible for me to respect her decision but then again, I understand why she did it even if it was for the wrong reasons.

      Basically I’ve been going through all the 5 stages of grief simultaneously 😛 But I’m getting there. I’m really lucky for having Leigh (Abi’s other best friend) to talk to. I kinda feel like we’ve taken Abi’s place in each other’s lives and she’s been my rock pretty much through all of this. So that’s good 🙂

      The Tarot cards are pretty easy to use. You get an instruction book with the pack you buy. All the cards are explained and they tell you about different patterns you can lay them in and what they represent and stuff. I’d say go for it!

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