DBFTA, Nerdfighters & Vlogbrothers

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A little while ago I read and wrote a review on the amazing book “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I read this book because apparently it was all the rage and everyone was reading it. As you can tell from my review, those people were right. But, little did I know that John Green is actually this amazing vlogger. He runs this vlog channel called vlogbrothers with his equally amazing brother, Hank.

Together, they have been vlogging since 2007 and have built this huge fan base who call themselves the ‘Nerdfighters’. I am proud to say that I have recently (today actually) recognized myself as a fellow Nerdfighter.

But this is what happened: One day I was browsing through the WordPress machine and I came across this blog who talked about John Green talking about Catcher in the Rye. As I am not a fan of Catcher in the Rye, I checked it out, not realizing that this John Green was the same John Green who wrote the book that I just ravished a few days earlier.

See, to me, writers are these obscure people, they sit in dark rooms and write. They don’t upload videoblogs of themselves! They certainly don’t create an entire fan base and talk about silly and serious and educational and hilarious things on a daily basis. Come on. I mean.. really?

But there he was! And he WAS the writer of that very book. I was amazed. The clip on Catcher in the Rye was actually on his channel Crash Course, on which he actually tries to educate us about all kinds of things; Literature, US history, Biology, Ecology and World History. But the point is that I didn’t actually discover the vlogbrothers channel till my friend Maia (Hi Maia! ) posted this clip and I just had to check it out. When I then discovered that not only does John Green vlog about literature and stuff, he also has a YouTube channel with his brother and together they have posted over 1,000 videos! Mind was blown, lemme tell ya.

So since then I have been watching their videos little by little until today when I had nothing better to do and just watched vlogbrother videos all day long.

They. Are. Awesome.



Are you a Nerdfighter?

If you’re not, go check out their channel and you will be.

And ehm..

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome


What do you call a 5 ft psychic that escaped from jail? 

A small medium at large.

I lol’ed. 


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

5 thoughts on “DBFTA, Nerdfighters & Vlogbrothers”

  1. My daughter turned me on to John and Hank Green a few months ago. I readThe Fault in Our Stars and really enjoyed it. I have since watched many of the Youtube videos, one today actually that featured a little song about My Little Ponies of all things! Yes, awesome guys!

    1. That’s why they’re so awesome one day they’re discussing the political situation in Greece and the next they’re signing songs about my little ponies. Does it get any better than that? No it does not.

      Yay for vlogbrothers! 😉

  2. Yeah one of the things I love about the vlogbrothers is that they prove you can be intellectual without being an intellectual snob.

  3. Yeah, Hank and John have really “revolutionized,” if you will, learning. The Fault in Our Stars will definitely be one of my all-time favorites. By the way, for science channels, Hank also does Scishow and the Brainscoop (more taxidermy though). Following them daily also (is it sad) often times highlights the current problems (like in Syria and Egypt) in the world.

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