Real books vs E-reader; a love/hate thing

Today, I crossed the line. I did the thing that I said I would never do. I have betrayed my own beliefs. I bought a book for Kindle.

Yea, turns out that you don’t need to spend nearly €200 for a Kindle E-reader, you can just download the freaking software on your phone or tablet or whatever (phone in my case). So, that’s what I did. And I bought/downloaded a couple of books. Mostly free books like Pride & Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre and Les Miserables, eventhough I have all the real books in my bookcase, and one book that I actually had to pay for: Warm Bodies. But I’ll get to that later.

I’m not sure what to think about this development in my life. Before I did this, I was absolutely 100% against E-readers. I claimed that nothing can replace the feel, smell and look of real books. To be honest, I still believe this. The thought of a house without a full bookcase is unbelievably sad to me. This can never happen. I can’t express how much enjoyment I get from just looking at all my books. Nothing can replace that.

So then why did I get Kindle and even bought a book for it? Because it’s freaking convenient that’s why. There’s no delivery time or cost, it doesn’t weigh down your bag and it’s there whenever you want. I recognize these redeeming qualities. Still can’t replace a real book though.

Today, after reading the umpteenth review about ‘Warm Bodies’, I decided that I had to read it. I first thought that it was the Zombie version of Twilight but people have been telling me that that’s not the case. I’m in Chapter 8 now, and so far, I’m neither impressed nor disappointed. It’s okay. I hope it’ll pick up.

The thought that I’m going to be in bed in a couple of hours, holding my phone in front of my face in order to read a book is a little sad to me.. I don’t know why. Somehow it’s just not the same. It just seems so.. impersonal. Books have souls, E-readers don’t. Also, the skin on my finger is getting dry from all the page flipping.

What do you prefer? Book or E-reader?


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

10 thoughts on “Real books vs E-reader; a love/hate thing”

  1. Of course real
    Books. Although the kindle has many advantages, but it can never replace a
    Real book. NEVER 😀 btw this post is amazing 🙂

  2. Real books. No question. Though you can’t deny that e-books are convenient. I bought my first e-book because that particular book (Allanon’s Quest by Terry Brooks) is only published in e-book format. Let’s hope authors and publishers don’t make the choice for us.

    1. I’m very afraid that we are heading in that direction.. Think of all the money that could be saved if all books were read electronically. No more paper nor ink or binding. It’s horrifying.

  3. Real books all the way!!!!! I too have downloaded the kindle for my laptop though, the main reason is if I review independent authors books it’s slightly nicer to have it on that than on PDF. I know eBooks have their uses, especially for people that travel a lot, (I actually had to do an essay on this last semester and have been meaning to do a post on it for like a year now :P) but I will never be converted. The idea of kids reading Harry Potter on an eReader brings me to tears. 0_o

    1. Exactly. We can’t deny that eBooks have their advantages but they will never ever be able to replace real books. Someone should do a study on how books are received when read on eBooks in comparison to real books. Who knows, maybe if Harry Potter was only released on eBooks it would have been a lot less popular. I shudder at the thought -.-

  4. I was dead set against ebooks for ages. I couldn’t imagine ever not turning actually pages whilst falling deep into a story. Then I had children. I had a different book on the go in every room, bookmarks were being removed by little fingers every five minutes and I only had chance to read two or three pages in a sitting – but I love reading and still wanted to read. So I gave in and bought a kindle. So far I’ve downloaded (both free and paid) around 650 books (I would never have this many real books due to storage space alone). I love my kindle and don’t know how I would have survived without it.

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