Twilight: Breaking Disappointment part 2

Close your mouth, Kristen.
Close your mouth, Kristen.

Yesterday, I caved. I was bored and thought ‘what the hell’. I’m not going to do a movie review about this film though. There were some alright things, and some not so alright things. I didn’t like it much, fans seem to like it a lot. That’s fine. Whatever.

What I wanted to say about this movie, though, is that for a second was under the impression that Twilight had finally grown some balls. This was during the fight scene. Suddenly Carlisle was dead and Jasper was dead an everybody was dying and fighting. I sat up straight and thought: Yes! I was all ready for the everybody is dead party. The story would have been so much more interesting if there had been a fight and people had died and if there actually had been some action. So when I thought that this was happening, I sat up a little straighter and put my fingers together Mr. Burns style.

But then, they reveal that it was all a dream. Or vision. Or whatever. It’s what Alice showed Aro about what would happen if he decided to attack the Cullen Clan. When it all flashed back to where Alice and Aro stood I was like ‘Noooooo….’ Man.. I wish that the makers had some balls and really deviated from the book but noo… they had to have their cookie cutter ending with happy and soppy Bella and Edward. All rainbows and freaking unicorns. Yuck.


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