DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.

DAY 26. – Book that makes you laugh out loud.

30 day book challenge

I’m not going to do the Dresden Files again. I’m really not. I’ve mentioned them quite often enough and I think I have made my point about the awesomeness of the series. Jim Butcher is a God, okay? Okay. So.. another book that made me laugh out loud. Ehm..

Okay I got a good one. You’re going to love this. Hopefully.

In October of 2012 I was working on an essay with the subject ‘The Meaning of Life’ for a philosophy course. Yes, I did consider just turning in a page with the number 42 on it and be done with it but I didn’t have the guts. Anyway, to research this essay I got a couple of books. One of them was titled ‘The Meaning of Life’ by E. D. Klemke. This is a collection of essays or section of books that are concerning this subject. I was reading the first chapter, the introduction rather, of this book in the University cafeteria when I read the following passage:

“Part of the problem is that some of us have an incurable tendency to take ourselves seriously. We want to matter to ourselves “from the outside.” If our lives as a whole seem pointless, then a part of us is dissatisfied – the part that is always looking over our shoulders at what we are doing. Many human efforts, particularly those in the service of serious ambitions rather than just comfort and survival, get some of their energy from a sense of importance – a sense that what you are doing is not just important to you, but important in some larger sense: important, period.” 

(Nagel in Klemke, 2000, p.7)

You’ll notice that the first sentence is also the quote right underneath my blog title ‘A Wordless Blogger‘. I just loved it so much. When I read this line I laughed out loud right there in the middle of a busy cafeteria. Then when I read the last part (important, period.) I laughed some more. I have no idea if this is funny to anyone else but I found it extremely entertaining. The whole introduction was funny for that matter. I have returned the book to the library months ago but if it wasn’t so damn expensive I would definitely have bought it for myself. I was extremely interested in this subject and I very much enjoyed researching and writing my essay.

Non-conventional answer to todays question. I feel good about this.

If you want to discuss this subject with me, please leave a comment. I’d really like to know what you think the meaning of life is!


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