DAY 24. – Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like/liked

DAY 24. – Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like/liked

30 day book challenge

Wait a minute.. hold up just one second.. Didn’t I already do this?! Right in the beginning of the challenge there was a day that was about a guilty pleasures book. Isn’t that the same thing? Isn’t a guilty pleasure something that you enjoy reading but that you’re ashamed to admit that you really liked it?

Okay, fine. I’ll repress my feeling of deja-vu and embarrass myself again.

I admit that when I first read this book, I enjoyed it. Even more so; I enjoyed it so much that I ordered the rest of the series and devoured it. Then, I started on fanfiction. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t have posters in my room or t-shirts that said Team Edward or Team Jacob. I just enjoyed reading them.

So.. I confess.. I am embarrassed to say that I enjoyed reading Twilight. But not really. Sure, it’s shitty writing (sorry fans) and there’s loads of psychological fuckery going on in those books but whatever. I’m not going to be embarrassed by my choice to read these books and liking them when I did.

Truth is, I read Twilight when I was seriously romance deprived and in my deprived state I didn’t immediately recognize all that was wrong with it. This goes for both the bad writing and the abusive relationships in the book. I was just blinded by the ‘true love’.

Anyway, I came to my senses when I discovered Reasoning with Vampires, a tumblr which dissects the twilight series sentence for sentence, pointing out all that is wrong with it, both in grammar and in psychological fuckery. I then started to really see it for what it was; Bad. Bad books, bad writing, bad relationship. Bad bad bad. I feel like a sheep. Baaaaahd.

I think what I liked most about the Twilight books is that it got me to discover fanfiction. Even if it’s based on Twilight, there’s still some good stuff out there. No, I’m not referring to 50 Shades of Abusive. If any of you know any good Harry Potter fanfiction or Dresden Files Fanfiction, please let me know?! Kay? Kay.

Ehm.. so yea.. No offense to Stephenie Meyer or EL James. Both have enough fans to keep them going, they don’t need me. Also no offence to you if you do like Twilight and 50 Shades; I read them, I see what’s appealing. It’s just not for me anymore. I’ve moved on.

Eugh Kristen. Please, close your mouth.
Anyone else ever noticed that she has her mouth open in almost every (promotional) picture? She annoys me to no end. Also: psychological fuckery.

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8 thoughts on “DAY 24. – Book you’re most embarrassed to say you like/liked”

  1. ‘ there’s loads of psychological fuckery going on in those books but whatever. ‘

    ‘Bad. Bad books, bad writing, bad relationship. Bad bad bad. I feel like a sheep. Baaaaahd.’

    I am loling so much right now.
    Amen sister!

  2. I love reading fan fiction; although I don’t read it as much as I used to. Also, I have a Hello Kitty journal full of fan fiction I wrote when I was in high school. Sadly, I never could get into Harry Potter fan fiction even though I love the books; although, I did read a great Harry Potter Sailor Moon crossover fan fic once. If I can find it on the site again, I’ll link you 🙂

    Now, about Twilight. I only ended up reading the series because the books were EVERYWHERE at school. I thought I liked the series until I read the Vampire Academy series and liked it much better than Twilight, liked it so much that I thought of vomiting when I thought about the Twilight series again. During that time, I ended up getting a series of journals inspired by the Twilight series. So naturally, I did what any newborn Twilight hater would do: I bashed Twilight in its own set of journals and gave high praise to the Vampire Academy series.

    P.S. Love the pic; who is the girl in the very first panel?

    1. I love fanfiction, too. For some reason I just can’t get into HP fanfiction though.. I don’t know why. Please, do link me if you find it 🙂

      Haha I love that you bashed Twilight in Twilight merchandise 😛 I can’t read Twilight anymore without getting seriously pissed off.. During all Edward’s crap all I’m thinking is: why are you not getting angry?! This is not ok! But does she listen? Of course not. This has nothing to do with it being a book, she’s just stubborn.

      The girl in the first panel is Éowyn from Lord of the Rings. You know.. “No man can kill me” .. “I am no man”

      1. The Lord of the Ring clips rings a bell; it’s been forever since I saw the movies but I’m not much of a fan of Middle Earth anyway. However, Ewoyn is cool for what she did in the clip 🙂

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