Teenage stupidity.

Apparently some teenagers (don’t know if it was one or a couple or several) have been doing this thing called ‘cutting for bieber’. This involves them literally cutting themselves because Justin Bieber was caught smoking a joint.

This level of stupidity is unbelievable to me. Not only are you seriously harming yourself, you are also damaging those who suffer from severe psychological problems and who maybe cut because they don’t see another way out. Those people, who may need help desperately may not be taken as seriously because of the stupidity of these people.

Faith in humanity lost. Just.. what the hell people. I don’t care if the guy was shooting up every day. It’s his life and doing something as stupid as physically harming yourself to get him to stop is beyond wrong. And bad. And ridiculous. And stupid.

I have no words.

If Justin Bieber has any sort of integrity he will send a message to his fans to stop doing this.


Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

12 thoughts on “Teenage stupidity.”

    1. Thanks!
      I found out about it through a post on a website called 9gag.com, which is supposed to be for jokes and stuff. The post showed a screenshot of a picutre on twitter of an actually bleeding wrist. I then checked it out on twitter but by then they had started to make fun of it. Putting up pictures of people cutting their hair or pieces of paper.

  1. So many teenagers have no sense these days. Celebritism (I know, made up word) has got to a really low point when ‘fans’ are ruining their lives because of something a celebrity did or does. I’m sure there are many teenagers smoking joints globally, but does that mean the whole world has to superficially inflict harm on themselves?

    1. I really have no idea what it is about this Bieber kid that makes all these teenagers go crazy. Sure, even before him you got your stalkers and general crazies but this seems to concern a whole generation. This of course goes hand in hand with the ‘swag’ and the ‘yolo’ hype of late but this is getting ridiculous. Where are the parents?!

      These are not fans, they are confused kids who lack guidance in an age where everything is possible. They apparently think themselves so important that cutting themselves will have direct influence on someone way beyond their reach.

      Not saying smoking weed is a good thing (although I do come from near Amsterdam.. hi hi) but come on, teenagers all over the world. You need to relax.

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