Day 17: An Author I wish people would read more

DAY 17. – Author I wish people would read more.

30 day book challenge

There is only one answer to this for me: Jim Butcher. Oh man.. his series ‘The Dresden Files’ are so awesome and yet I have not found one person who have read all the books and who wants to talk about them.

The Dresden Files is a fantasy series about a Private Investigator named Harry Dresden. Harry also happens to be a wizard. That’s why occasionally he gets hired by the Chicago PD to investigate the more .. unusual cases. More often than not, getting himself involved in these cases are not exceptionally good for his health. “Magic. It can get a guy killed.” 

The reason I love these books is not just because they’re really good, exciting stories but also because Jim/Harry has an amazing sense of humor. I first discovered Jim Butcher and Harry Dresden when my dad got a Graphic Novel based on the series called ‘Welcome to the Jungle‘ and I was pretty much rolling on the ground laughing.

“Black Dogs are tough. The blast from the ring was nowhere near strong enough to kill it, but it buys me enough time to Skedaddle. You heard me. Skedaddle. Vamoose, high tail it. I ran like a great big fraidy cat.”

Case and point above. Although, I gotta admit that there are many many better jokes and funnies in the books. This was the only one I could find on the interwebs on short notice. I’m doing the book review of Cold Days, which is number 14 in the series, next so I’ll put a few more examples in there.

Anyway, after I read ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, I was hooked. Luckily for me, my dad had ordered the first 11 books already and I was able to read them one right after another. It was just really really really good. It has amazing characters, great stories, plot twists and humor. In the last few books Butcher stopped making individual books and started tying it all together into one big plot. Made it all the more amazing. My favourite book so far is book 12 ‘Changes‘, although I like anything with Mouse in it.

If you’re not familiar with the series, go try it out. It’s best suited for those who like fantasy books with a detective feel and all sorts of scary creatures thrown in. Oh and lots and lots of dry, sarcastic humor. God, I love Harry Dresden..

If you have read the books, or even only one of them, please leave a comment. I’m dying for some Dresden Discussion.

The married thing. Sometimes I look at it and I feel like someone from a Dickens novel, standing outside in the cold looking in at Christmas dinner. Relationships hadn’t ever really worked for me. I think it had something to do with all the Demons, Ghosts and human sacrifice. — Grave Peril 

Me, after I finished reading 'Changes'.
Me, after I finished reading ‘Changes’.

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