Day 15: A character who you can relate to

DAY 15. – A character who you can relate to the most.

30 day book challenge

I gotta say, if and when I read books, I usually don’t go for books about people I can relate to. For example, I love to read fantasy books (HP, Hunger Games, Dresden Files) and I usually don’t identify with a wand wielding wizard or a fierce teenage girl who has no trouble wielding a bow and arrow. Yea, sure, I could say I’m a bit like Hermoine because of reasons but I don’t think that counts because I didn’t feel like ‘that is me on a page’. So, even though I recognized qualities or character traits in some of the characters in the books I have read, I hadn’t found a book or a character of which I thought; Yes. That is me.

That is, until I read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. I read this book very recently for the Eclectic Reader Challenge. You can find the review for Prep here

Prep is about a young girl who decides to go to a fancy boarding school. She is very shy and introverted and uncomfortable around people. She prays that nobody notices her but feels lonely when they don’t. She doesn’t really know how to make friends and in all of the years she spent at her school, she only made one real friend. 

This is very much like me. When I was younger I was really awkward. I only had a few friends in high school because I was very introverted and mostly, I just wanted to be left alone. But even though I wanted to be left alone, I also would feel sad if I was excluded from the rest of the class. And even when I did go along with a group, I still felt an outsider. I just was that introverted and shy. And that’s okay. Luckily, I’m much more comfortable in my own skin now. I’m good with people and I am no longer extremely silent in new situations. However, I still don’t have loads of friends and I don’t have a very busy social life but again, that’s okay. I’m happy with who I am and the way I live my life.

Anyway.. back to the point. As you can read in the review I wrote about Prep, I really recognized myself in the protagonist, Lee. It was as though someone had looked inside my head and translated my awkwardness unto paper. That’s also why I really liked Prep in the beginning, because I identified with Lee so much. This changed later in the book when she started making decisions that came forth from her insecurity and social awkwardness that I never would have made. Never ever never. So, then I got annoyed with her and didn’t like the book as much. But although I was annoyed with her and her attitude, I could still see why she acts the way she does. It’s no mystery to me as to why she did the things she did. I just never would have done them.

So yea.. Lee is the character I related to the most in all the book I have read. But only for the first half of the book though.


If you read my post yesterday, you may remember that I said I wasn’t in the best of moods. This has changed now because I have already booked my summer holiday. I’m going to the UK for 2 weeks to stay with my best friend, Abi, and visit the place that I lived at when I studied there. I’m so excited it has made me all shiny and happy. Yay 😀

Me & Abi
Me & Abi

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