Day 13: A book that disappointed you

DAY 13. – A book that disappointed you.

30 day book challenge

So.. yesterday when I said that I was going to write this post ‘later today’ what I actually meant was ‘tomorrow’. Christmas is exhausting I tell ya.

There haven’t been a lot of books that really disappointed me. I actually had to go up to my room and stare at my books in order to find one that I actually felt disappointed about when I read them. But then I found one. Ha.

When I read the Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass), the first book of the His Dark Materials series written by Philip Pullman, I really liked it. I read it, of course, after I saw the movie which I was really impressed with and I really wanted to know what the rest of the story was. But then I read The Subtle Knife and I really did not like that book. Even though I read the Subtle Knife straight after Northern Lights, I felt like I was reading a book that was not a part of the same series. Now, it has been quite a while since I read both books so I don’t know the details anymore, but I vaguely remember it being about travelling to a different universe and I did not see the connection between the first and the second book at all. I also thought it was a little boring.

Like I said, I haven’t read the book in a long time so maybe I’d have a different opinion if I read it now. But at the time that I read it, I was really disappointed. Because of this, I stopped reading the series and never found out how it actually ended. It’s a shame, really.

Well, that’s it for today. Maybe I’ll see you later today. If not, definitely tomorrow. See you soon!


Author: EMK

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3 thoughts on “Day 13: A book that disappointed you”

  1. My most recent reading disappointment was Horns by Joe Hill. He really is a good writer, but I was 3/4 through the book and realized I still didn’t like the characters even one little bit. Just couldn’t make myself finish the book, even though the writing was great. 😦

  2. :O I actually just gasped at the fact that you haven’t read Amber Spyglass OH YOU ARE NOT READY you need to go back and read them right now do you hear me oh my god oh my god prepare your teardrops. Incidentally, my favourite of the three is The Subtle Knife; it’s really different from the first which is kind of the point, I think: if it was more similar you’d have been asking “what’s the point in this?” so.

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