Day 8: Most underrated book

DAY 8. – Most underrated book.

30 day book challenge

The book that I have read loads of times but I never really heard much about is called Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s a really well known book but I never heard much about it. I don’t even remember how I came by the book. I think that it was part of some book set that my mother got. I first read it in Dutch and I liked it straight away. However, I quickly noticed that the sentences didn’t really work well and that it was really obvious that the book was translated. So then, I got it English and I really loved it.

Fast Women is a cross between a love story and a detective story. The protagonist, Nell Dysart, is a middle ages divorced woman who has worked all her adult life as her husband’s secretary. After they got divorced, Nell started to look for a job and she found one at a detective bureau, owned by Gabe and Riley McKenna. During the 18 months after the divorced is finalized, Nell was sleepwalking through life. But, when she starts her job at McKenna Investigations, she awakens with a new lust for life. She throws herself into redecorating the office, making it a better place. She also steals a dog and sleeps with the wrong man. In other words; she’s on a roll. Even though her boss, Gabe, finds her enfuriating, he also finds her irresistible and soon romance blooms.  However, the world of Private Investigations isn’t always safe and soon Nell has do deal with blackmail, arson, murder and adultery. And, somehow, it all seems to involve her extended family.

If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s an incredibly well written book with loads of excitement and romance. It really doesn’t have one dull moment and you just have to keep reading.

After I read Fast Women I wanted to read more from Jennifer Crusie. I then found a book by her called Crazy for You, which is about a woman who wants to break away from her “beige” life and goes to look for something more excitement. However, her husband doesn’t seem to get the message that she’s serious and won’t let her go. Although I don’t think it’s as good as Fast Women, it’s definitely worth the read. I think Jennifer Crusie is a great writer who writes amazing books. I really should read more books by her.

Well, that’s about it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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