Day 7: A guilty pleasure book

DAY 7. – A guilty pleasure book.

30 day book challenge

Hmm.. I don’t know.. I don’t really have a guilty pleasure book. I really can’t think of any book in my bookcase that I would be ashamed of..

However, I guess I’m going to have to pick one, right? Ehmm.. I’m going to go with.. Twilight.

I started reading Twilight when the first movie came out and I just wanted to know what all the fuss is about. A couple of days later, I finished reading all 4 books. I gotta admit, the first time I read them I did like the books. It certainly was entertaining enough even if there were some things that NOT okay in that story.


Yes. That. Now, I’m not going to write about all the things that’s wrong with Twilight because that would be a helluva long blog and I’m really tired today. But anyway, yea I’ve read all twilight books including the Novella and the unfinished one. However, what I really got addicted to was the twilight fanfiction. Some of it was really really good. For example one of the fanfics was called Boycotts and Barflies which is now an independent book. Another story that I really like is called Wide Awake, which is a really good story which has almost nothing to do with twilight. The two that I have named are all-human FanFics so there’s only a little of Twilight left in there. Of course there are some other pretty good FanFics out there. Oh and yes. I did read 50 shades of grey when it was still called Master of the Universe and it was just a FanFiction. *blush*

Btw, if anyone knows any good HP fanfics please leave me a comment because I’m dying for some extra Harry.

Soo.. yea. That’s my guilty pleasure. Please leave a comment if you’re so inclined. I’m going to bed now.

G’night Neverland!


Author: EMK

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