Day 4: Books turned into movies

DAY 4. – Book turned into a movie and completely desecrated.

30 day book challenge

Ehm… how long do you have? There are so so so so many films based on books that have been completely desecrated. Let’s start with a few examples.

my sisters keeper

 The movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is based on the book by the same name written by Jodi Picoult. I have written a blog post in the past about how I love books written by Jodi Picoult because she writes about the things that takes balls to write about. My sister’s keeper is, as you know if you have seen the film or have read the book, about Anna who was born only because her sister Kate has leukemia and their parents needed the cord blood for a transplant in order to help Kate. Over the years, Anna has undergone many procedures in order to help her sister Kate but now she has enough. Anna is seeking medical emancipation so that she doesn’t have to give Kate her kidney. It’s a great, beautiful and tragic book and the film wasn’t bad for the most part. However, they completely botched the ending of the film. It was such a waste because the ending that Jodi Picoult wrote was perfect. It was so beautiful and sad that it had me in tears. The movie makers took it to a completely different direction and I hated it.

ps i love you

This is another movie that on it’s own is not really bad. However, if you compare it to the book, it’s just.. eugh. The book is a beautiful, heartbreaking story about the loss of a soulmate. Holly and Gerry marry when they are still very young and then Gerry dies when Holly is in her late 20’s. One day, she receives a letter from Gerry which says that he has written a series of letters and that she will receive one of those letters every month. With Gerry’s help, Holly learns to live again  and enjoy life again. It’s a really touching story which the movie has desecrated. Like I said, the movie isn’t bad on itself but it doesn’t measure up to the book. I haven’t read the book in a while so I can’t tell you where the differences exactly lie but what I do know is that the movie felt rushed. The letters don’t really get the attention they need and the content of the letters is kind of jumbled together. For example what in the book is 2 or 3 separate letters is in the  movie jumbled together in 1. In the book, family is a very important concept. In the film, that’s kinda forgotten. It’s was definitely a disappointment.

confessions of a shopaholic

Now this movie. Oh my god it was horrible. I haven’t even ever finished watching it and that’s a really big shame because I absolutely devoured the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ books when I was younger. I was really looking forward to the film when I heard it was coming out but I was so disappointed. They completely ruined the story. I don’t really know what to say about this movie. I found it extremely annoying and that’s saying something, seeing as I’ve only seen like the first 20 minutes. They completely set the wrong tone. It was such a disappointment. Honestly.

Well.. I could keep going on this subject for quite some time I think but maybe three is enough for now =) 

As always, leave your thoughts, questions and/or remarks in the comments. 

See you tomorrow! 


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