Day 2: Favourite side character

DAY 2. – Favourite side character.

30 day book challenge

My all time favourite side character has to be Karrin Murphy from the Dresden Files. She is described as a petite, 5 foot nothing, blonde with bright blue eyes and a button nose. Sounds cute right? She’s not though; she is deadly with her black belt in Aikido, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwan Do and a number of other martial arts. She is the head of the ‘Special Investigations’ department which deals with all cases that are a little .. different. This means she has to deal with the supernatural often and she isn’t afraid to kick some supernatural ass. Even though she’s a vanilla mortal, she has fought alongside Harry Dresden in many a supernatural battle, including one in the realm of the supernatural itself ‘the Nevernever’ and infiltrated the stronghold of the Fae Queen of Air and Darkness; Queen Mab.

Besides being awesomely kick-ass, she also has a great sense of humour and is truly loyal. She doesn’t really trust Harry at the beginning of the series but as they get in and out of tight spots over the years, they develop a strong friendship. In the book Changes it almost seems like the maybe might go on a date. Maybe. However, things don’t work out as planned.

Anyway, she is my favourite side character because she is so fierce and stands her ground in the face of danger way beyond her reach. She’s not fearless but she doesn’t take crap from nobody. Yay for girlpower. Whoohoo.

I can’t end this post without mentioning another favourite side character of mine, also from the Dresden Files. This character I’m talking about is a dog. And, he’s called mouse. Mouse starts out as a fuzzy little puppy that can fit in the pocket of his famous leather coat but later, he grows up to be an enormous dog of which Harry swears that at least one of his parents has to be ‘a woolly mammoth’. Mouse is as tall as Harry’s waist and since Harry himself is 6″3 tall, that’s quite a big dog. He’s very intelligent and strong, he’s a good fighter and a fast runner. Later in the series it’s revealed that Mouse is a Foo Dog. If you want to know what this means especially, read the books. On one special occasion, when Harry & co. get turned into dogs themselves, we can hear Mouse talk and he’s just bad ass. Sigh.. I love mouse.

So there. That’s two of my favourite side characters. Leave thoughts and remarks in the comments mmkay?

See you soon.


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