Day 1: A book series you wished had gone on longer

DAY 1. – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would
just end already.

30 day book challenge

Is there any other answer to this question than ‘The Harry Potter Series‘? No? I didn’t think so. Harry Potter is the only finished series that I have read that makes me wish there were more books. The Harry Potter universe is so vast that there could be another 7 books written about it. Who doesn’t want to know how Ron popped the question to Hermoine? Or was it the other way around? Or, how Harry is coping with finally having a real family, being a dad and a godfather to Teddy?

I currently have 6 book series in my book case: Harry Potter, Twilight, The Dresden files, the Hunger Games, the Shopaholic series and the books written by Dave Pelzer. Both Twilight and the Hunger Games have finished and there’s not much left to say about it. Sure, there could be other books about the lives of the characters after the last book but somehow I don’t get that empty feeling when I finish reading those series. The Shopaholic series isn’t finished yet, as far I know, and the books written by Dave Pelzer are about his life so if he’s done, it’s done.

As for the Dresden Files; Jim Butcher has said he has ideas for at least 7 more books after the publication of the brand new instalment ‘Cold Days‘ which is due to arrive in my mail any day now. So I really can’t say anything about that right now. I suppose that when Jim does retire Harry Dresden and his epic humour that it will be because he is either dead for real or because he lives happily ever after. I swear, someday I’m going to do a whole blog about all the great quotes in the Dresden files. If there is anyone reading this who are also fans of Harry Dresden, please leave a comment so we can discuss his awesomeness.

Anyway, yea Harry Potter is definitely the series that I wish had gone on longer. So many things I want to know, man. Of course there is a ton of fanfiction out there but it’s had to find the really good ones and even then it’s not.. you know.. original. Meaning that it’s not written by JK herself. Unfortunately, JK has said that she is never ever never going to write another book about Harry &  co again so I’m just going to have to suck it up. It’s a disgrace, really. Does she not realise that she would make the whole world happy if she were to write even 1 more book about Harry?!

But there you go, that’s my answer. If you have any more suggestions for great book series, please let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for great things to read next. On Jaime’s blog I read about a series called ‘Matched by Ally Condie which seems kinda intriguing so maybe I’ll read that sometime.

Until tomorrow 🙂


Author: EMK

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2 thoughts on “Day 1: A book series you wished had gone on longer”

  1. Harry Potter, nice choice! Do you think you will be picking up The Casual Vacancy any time soon?

    As for Matched….I read the first book and while the premise was good I found it pretty bland. My friend has lent me the second book but I haven’t read it yet, maybe that one will be better…

    Happy reading!

  2. I don’t know about The Casual Vacancy.. I’m kinda on the fence about it. I don’t know what it is, Jim Butcher also has another series besides the Dresden Files called Codex Alera but somehow I can’t get myself to read that either. Although I am very curious about the book and about how she handles adult fiction but for now I have to say.. Maybe later, I will read it sometime but for now I’m going to have to pass. Have yo read it?

    Hmm.. Too bad that Matched isn’t that good. It did seem like a good story line.. Could have been interesting enough, I think.

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