Hunger Games Fanfiction! Taking the plunge.. (Chapter 1)

Ladies and gentlemen, I have done it. I have officially started my first ever story/fanfiction. I have currently written the first chapter and part of the second and I’m dying to post it on here. ‘Shouldn’t you wait till you have a bit more of the story?’, I hear you think. The short answer: No. I just want to try it out. See what you all think. See if I should/can contintue. It’s my first time actually writing something so please keep in mind that English is not my first language and that I have no experience with writing something. So please comment, give feedback, ideas, critique, anything. Just be gentle.. it’s my first time.
Here goes nothing.

Against the Odds: Chapter 1

Laurel looked down at herself. She was wearing a beautiful gown, made of a shimmering brown fabric that clung to her torso and flowed out at her legs. On her head she wore a crown of green, yellow and red coloured leaves. She had never looked more beautiful in her life. ‘And yet..,’ Laurel thought, ‘and yet I would trade it for a ragged dress. I would trade it all. All the clothes and food and luxury if it meant that we could to home. I wouldn’t want to keep any of it.’

Next to Laurel stood a young boy, not yet 15 years old, with dirty blonde hair. His suit was made of the same shimmering fabric as her dress and he wore the same crown as she did. His stylist had done a wonderful job of accentuating the boy’s muscular shoulders and arms, hiding the fact that he was in fact, just a boy. ‘He looks so grown up,’ Laurel thought ‘except for his eyes. Only his eyes betray how scared he is.’. Looking at him broke Laurel’s heart and tears started to form in her eyes. The boy standing next to her wasn’t any young boy from her district, that would have been hard enough. The boy was named Maddox and he was her brother.

Maddox and Laurel stood near the carriages, waiting for their stylist to give them the sign to get in. Laurel watches as Maddox stroked the big horse’s neck. ‘How on earth did we get tangled up in this mess,’ she thought. It had been the first time in the History of the Hunger Games that the two tributes from a district were siblings. It had been some weird, horrible, perverted, tragic honour.

She had been able to cope when her name was called at the reaping. At least it wasn’t her sister’s name, she had thought. Her sister, Suzan, who had to walk with a cane ever since she had an accident when she was 13, cried as she hugged Laurel tightly. Heartbroken, but relieved for her sister’s sake, Laurel made her way up to the podium where the District 8 escort was waiting for her with arms outstretched. Her name was Ella and she had been the escort for District 8 for some time now. They had come accustomed to seeing her deep green hair and hearing her sing-song voice at the reapings. To the side of the podium, next to the mayor, sat her new mentor. Roman had won the Hunger Games 17 years before by cleverly poisoning the only water source left in the arena. He wasn’t very big or muscular but there was something about him that made it very clear that he was dangerous. Laurel had known him for years, and she was scared of him.

After she was introduced to the cameras, it had been time for the male tribute to be selected. While Laurel stood on the podium, dazed, staring at the crowd, Ella had taken a deep breath and plunged her hand into the bowl next to her. After a second she retrieved the little piece of paper that would settle her family’s fate. ‘Well.. well, well well,’ said Ella, ‘What an interesting turn of events this is.’. The citizens of District 8 looked at each other, confused. What did she mean? ‘The male tribute for the 58 th annual Hunger Games is..,’ Ella called into the microphone, ‘MADDOX WOLDING.’.

Laurel hadn’t reacted to Ella’s announcement. She hadn’t been able to. She could only stand there, shocked and scared beyond belief. Her little brother. Her only brother. What were the odds to that happening? ‘And may the odds be ever in you favour’ she had thought, barely realizing what had happened. While Laurel hadn’t reacted to the news of her brother joining her in the journey to the Arena, the town had erupted in cries and shouts. Their father, Hendrick, had leapt forward, screaming, trying to get to his children. The thought of losing not one child, but two, had obviously driven him to madness in a matter of minutes. Peacekeepers forced him to the ground and placed him in restraints as Maddox came up onto the stage and ran into his sister’s arms.

Everywhere she looked Laurel saw men, women and children crying. No family deserved this kind of terror, but this family deserved it least of all. After his wife, Amelia, died in childbirth, Hendrick took a job overseeing the transport of lumber to the Capitol. Although it kept food on the table for his children, it meant that he would be away from home for days at a time and the three oldest children had been left to look after themselves and their baby sister. The oldest, Suzan, had injured her foot while climbing out of a tree after a day’s work. She had been hurt so badly that she couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes at a time before succumbing to the pain. Maddox, the youngest of the three, had forsaken his schooling in order to help his father with supporting his family. At only 13 he had taken a job at the lumber company. Finally, there was Laurel, nearly 17 years old and the eternal mother figure. Laurel was teaching the youngest children in school to read and write after her own school day was over. In her spare time she volunteered at the District’s hospital, treating the many wounded that would come in during the day.

This was the family that now had to say goodbye to two of their own. Two children who were chosen to be sacrificial lambs for the Capitol and its ruler president Snow. Two children who had to pay for the rebellion, years back.

It wasn’t fair.

The town wept.

Let me know what you think, please.


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