I like books. All kinds of books. It’s like that song; “I like big books and I cannot lie”. Oh wait.. that’s not right is it?

But what really gets me interested in a book, like doing extra research, are the things that require loads of creativity to come up with. The things that are different for different characters in the book. The patronusses in the Harry Potter series for instance, or the deamons in The Golden Compass. I would love to know who got what animal and why. I don’t know what it is.. probably because I would love to have one for my own? I think my patronus would be… ehm.. a cat. But a nice one. Not a mean one like Dolores Umbridge had.

What I’m also really interested in and wish I would know more about are the Arenas in The Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins only describes a few of the Arenas that had been used over the years but I want to know more! I want to know what the Gamemakers have come up with and what happened in the Arena. I have actually spent some time looking on the internet to see if she has given any more information on other Arenas.

In the Dresden Files there is a thing called a Soul Gaze. Basically, if  you make eye contact with a wizard for too long you get a look at what his soul looks like. It’s supposed to stay with you forever. Obviously, every soul is different and Jim Butcher is awesome in describing what different souls look like. Like when Harry Dresden had a soul gaze with Molly Carpenter and he saw her looking into all this different mirrors which all showed the different futures she could have because she was at an impasse in her life and the decision she had to make would decide her fate. I’m sure I’m not explaining it very well. Just go read the series. Go. No really.. go read it. Anyway, like with the patronusses, it made me wonder what my soul would look like when gazed upon. I really don’t know? What do you think your soul would look  like? Is anyone out there anyway?

Even the ‘powers’ that the sparkly vampires have in the Twilight series, interest me. Yes. I have read them. I have come back to my senses now, don’t worry.

In the end, what it all comes down to is that I wish I could write something like that. Such a wonderful story with aspects that really amazes people because it would take such creativity to write. I would like to know what JK Rowling’s mind is like. How is it possible that one person comes up with such a wonderful story with all these creatures and details? I’m calling bullshit. It’s all real. It happened many years ago and JK only wrote it down to educate the world. Hm. Maybe I’m just jealous. Maybe.

Maybe some day I will come up with an idea and write a story that is so amazing that it shocks and awes the whole world. A girl can dream, no?

I now leave you with this awesome song which has nothing to do with this post but whatever. Listen and rejoice.




Author: EMK

Just blogging away in my free time while I try to make something of my life

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