“Write me a 300 word essay about the best day of your life, pre-16”

Yes miss Abigail. Of course miss Abigail. Whatever you want miss Abigail. *bows*

In the summer of 2004, when I was just 14 years old,  I did a diving course and got a diving licence. Then, in the winter we went to Gran Canaria for New Years. Being in Gran Canaria was already awesome. It was so beautiful, the weather was so lovely, the food was amazeballs. We went there because my parents got this offer to go on holiday there at a lowered rate provided they would take a meeting on the possibility of time-sharing an apartment. This also meant that we got to stay at a 5-star hotel. Gosh. Thing of dreams, man.

The hotel

One of the days I had the chance to go diving in the Mediterranean sea. It.. was.. awesome. Honestly, it is the most amazing thing I have ever done. The water was so blue and clear and there were so many beautiful things to see.. It’s too bad that I didn’t have one of those underwater camera thingies. I wish I could do that over and over again.. It really was quite an experience for a 14 year old, mind you. I was going to go deep-sea-diving. Alone. With a large group of adults who I didn’t know and couldn’t understand that well. In a strange country. Keep in mind I wasn’t the most confident (or at all) kid. I wanted it so badly I went off with a group of strangers to do it. Despite my social awkwardness. Thinking about it still makes me happy. Unfortunately, you have to dive every 6  months to keep your license valid but keeping up diving is incredibly expensive with the storage and up-keep of all the equipment. So, I couldn’t continue doing it. But, nevertheless, I had this amazing, wonderful experience. Huge hugs and thank you’s to my parents who made this all possible.

Of, course also did lots of other things while we were there. I looked up a couple of old pictures but I didn’t have the patience to scan all the pictures I would want to show you. Some other time maybe.

Things we did as well:

Dolphin Watching – we didn’t see any.
Left = my brother, Right = me
This is actually taken in an Animal park. Kind of like safari but different. Couldn’t find other pictures. 😦
The view from our room

We also went to this huge water park which reminded me of America and of course we were there for New Yeas. The hotel organized this huge firework show. It was really spectacular. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this.

*Sings* If I could turn back time..




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